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The Vera Novis Furniture Collection: Leather meets wood in the sophisticated tables, hangers and daybed designed and made in Sweden

The Vera Novis Furniture Collection

The name Vera Novis in Swedish may mean “true novice,” but the assured design of the brand suggests its creators are anything but beginners. This furniture collection was created by Hillevi Magnell and Sara Rudenstam of the Smålands Skinnmanufaktur……

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Office Everywhere – Folding Cardboard Tables

A New Zealand-based company has created a folding cardboard table called Refold. Refold was created by three buds – Matt, Fraser, and Ollie. Noting the harmful effects of sitting all day, their fledgling project is a stand-up desk. It’s made completely of cardboard and folds up in minutes. It’s nothing like the moving-box desk I…

Amazing wooden tables by Lee Jae-Hyo

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Someone please explain me how these are made technically. Lee Jae-Hyo, a Korean artist, created a set of tables and furnitures made of pieces of wood attached together by some kind of magical technique. He also creates sculptures with the same technique and visual effect, but I’m a bigger fan of the furniture.

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Splendid topographic tables


Topographic map have some natural graphic beauty that any designer will notice. Wood patterns are also a thing of beauty. What’s less common is to blend the two and use the wooden patterns as if they were topographic lines.

That’s the wonderful idea Greg Klassen had, to create tables that also look like natural topographic maps, with a curvy river flowing in the middle. The furniture designer works with pieces of discarded trees that he aligns to mimic the riverside. The table is completed with a piece of glass cutted to match the river shape.


The tables are available to buy on his online shop, but you better be ready to spend some big money, because quality and high-end handcraft come with a price.




With less wood and more glass, Duffy London created this beautiful “Abyss table”. They take many layers of wood and glass to create a table that looks like ocean topography.



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Beautiful & Unique Handcrafted Wooden Tables by Greg Klassen

6Greg Klassen has handcrafted these beautiful and unique wooden tables, giving discarded trees new life one piece at a time. Greg studied furniture design and fine woodworking where he trained under two important furniture masters. He has won praise from Martha Stewart and has been featured in national magazines and won a variety of design […]
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Fattable.js Gives You Infinite Scrolling Tables

If you have lots of data, it’s easier to keep it neat and clean if you put them in a table. By ‘lots of data’, what I mean here is in the range of hundreds. If your data needs more than 10,000 cells, basically, a big table, DOM just won’t cut it, as you’ll most likely start getting choppy scrolling. Introducing Fattable.js, a javascript library to help you with that problem.

Fattable.js is a javascript Library that helps create a table with infinite scrolling capabilities, with an infinite number of rows and columns. It can also help when clients are unable to download or retain the immense volumes of table data – Fattable.js lets you load your data asynchronously. Check out the demo here.

API And Painter

Fattable has the following APIs to be used. These APIs are used for building the table automatically. You can specify the row height and column width here.

 var table = fattable({ "painter": painter, // your painter (see below) "model": model, // model describing your data (see below) "nbRows": 1000000, // overall number of rows "rowHeight": 35, // constant row height (px) "headerHeight": 100, // height of the header (px) "columnWidths": [300, 300, 300, 300] // array of column width (px) }) 

painter is an object, which is used to fill the content of your cells and column headers. It is expected to implement the following interface.

 var painter = { "setupHeader": function(headerDiv) { /* Setup method are called at the creation of the column header. That is during initialization and for all window resize event. Columns are recycled. */ } , "setupCell": function(cellDiv) { /* The cell painter tells how to fill, and style cells. Do not set height or width. in either fill and setup methods. */ } , "fillHeader": function(headerDiv, data) { /* Fills and style a column div. Data is whatever the datalayer is returning. A String, or a more elaborate object. */ colHeaderDiv.textContent = data; } , "fillCell": function(cellDiv, data) { /* Fills and style a cell div. Data is whatever the datalayer is returning. A String, or a more elaborate object. */ cellDiv.textContent = data; } , "fillHeaderPending": function(headerDiv) { /* Mark a column header as pending. When using an asynchronous. Its content is not in cache and needs to be fetched */ cellDiv.textContent = "NA"; } , "fillCellPending": function(cellDiv) { /* Mark a cell content as pending Its content is not in cache and needs to be fetched */ cellDiv.textContent = "NA"; } }; 

Actually, this very simple implementation is the default. And it is available as fattable.Painter, so that you can just override it.

Data Layer

If your data isn’t too big, you could probably just fetch it all at once, and then display the table. For this simple case, the best solution is to extend the SyncTableData object.

You just need to extend fattable.SyncTableModel and implement the following methods:

 { "getCellSync": function(i,j) { return "cell " + i + "," + j; }, "getHeaderSync": function(i,j) { return "col " + j; } } 

Asynchronous And Paged Async

You probably don’t want your backend to receive one request per cell that is displayed. A good solution to this problem is to partition your table into pages of cells.

Queries are only sent when the user stops scrolling.

To use such a system, you just have to extend the PagedAsyncTableModel class with the following methods. In addition, it includes a simple LRU cache.

 { "cellPageName": function(i,j) { // returns a string which stands for the id of // the page the cell (i,j) belongs to. var I = (i / 128) | 0; var J = (j / 29) | 0; return JSON.stringify([I,J]); }, "fetchCellPage": function(pageName, cb) { // Async method to return the page of var coords = JSON.parse(pageName); var I = coords[0]; var J = coords[1]; getJSON("data/page-" + I + "-" + J + ".json", function(data) { cb(function(i,j) { return { rowId: i, content: data[i-I*128][j-J*29] }; }); }); }, "headerCellPage" : function(j) { // Same as for cellPageName but for cells. }, "fetchHeaderPage" : function(j) { // Same as for fetchCellPage but for headers } } 

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning on using <!DOCTYPE html>with the library, then it has to be with the more recent versions of IE, as anything preceeding IE9 isn’t supported. The library currently uses a huge container with overflow. Browsers have a bit of a limitation when it comes to the size of such a container. Therefore, expect some bugs to appear at 40,000 rows into IE and 50,000 rows into other browsers.

Link About It: L’ArcoBaleno: Earthquake-proof tables, Brazilian modern, Brooklyn’s Souda studio and more in the stories culled from the online market’s cast of talent

Link About It: L’ArcoBaleno

Helmed by Design Miami co-founder Ambra Medda, L’ArcoBaleno is an extraordinary online marketplace for the cultured design enthusiast. To provide further…

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Design Inspiration: Pricing Tables Mockup

A sleek, professional set of pricing table interface elements. It breaks features down into three different blocks, shows the difference between the plans, along with the price. Colourful, simple, and ready for you to experiment with!

This design was featured on Thursday 27th of February 2014. It’s designed by Sunil Joshi, and falls under the category of Web App.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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Are Touch Screen Tables The Technology Of The Future?

Does size matter? When it comes to new technology, most people seem to think so. But while the trend often runs small – think “mini” versions of phones and tablets – the spike in new designs for…

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CH Gift Guide: Big Bonus: Private submarines, gourmet cycling excursions, arcade coffee tables and more luxurious presents culled from our holiday assortment

CH Gift Guide: Big Bonus

For those fortunate enough to have deeper pockets than the average gift-giver, have a look at the Cool Hunting gift guide for an array of ideas that go well beyond a Bentley or fancy watch. From U-Boat’s private submarines to Gufram’s iconic cactus coat stand, and with personalized travel…

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