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P. Johnson Tailors Pocket Squares: Playful yet sophisticated silk accessories for gentlemen with a sense of fun

P. Johnson Tailors Pocket Squares

Maybe it’s the recent resurgence of ’80s touchstones like Ettore Sottsass’ Memphis movement and Jeff Koons that have us lusting after designs that blend play and sophistication, but there is…

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Cool Hunting

Interview: Daniel Lewis of Brooklyn Tailors: On the current landscape of men’s fashion with the founder and designer of Brooklyn Tailors, presented by Cole Haan

Interview: Daniel Lewis of Brooklyn Tailors

Sponsored content: In the past decade or so, men’s fashion has grown into its own. In generations past, one dressed according to their occupation, location or social economic sect, but nowadays a man’s wardrobe reflects his lifestyle or, at the very least, the lifestyle he aspires to….

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Cool Hunting

Queen Victoria’s tailors rebranded for the modern age

The inventors of the tuxedo get a beautifully responsive website perfectly tailored to their customer’s needs.


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