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A Jewish magazine is testing an unusual solution for toxic internet comments

Want to comment on a story on Tablet magazine’s website? You’ll have to pay. The Jewish “daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture” is testing a new monetization method that scans like a modern day Indulgence: to leave a comment, you must select and pay a rate: $ 2 a day, $ 18 a month, or $ 180 a year.

It’s a mitzvah!

“[T]he Internet, for all of its wonders, poses challenges to civilized and constructive discussion,” writes Tablet editor-in-chief Alana Newhouse, “sometimes allowing destructive — and, often, anonymous —individuals to drag it down with invective (and worse). Instead of shutting off comments altogether (as some outlets are starting to do), we are going to try something else: ask those of you who’d like to…

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Homeland Security is testing nightmare scenarios where toy drones become flying bombs

Here’s a hypothetical matchup for you. A column of tanks covered in thick armor, capable of firing many bullets of both large and small caliber. On the other side, a bunch of plastic quadcopters you bought at the local Walmart. Who wins? According to exercise by the US military, the drones have it hands down.

Drones > Tanks

This was one of several fascinating factoids from a Wired report on a recent meeting hosted by the Department of Homeland Security, the goal of which was to access just how dangerous these “toys” can be.

Along with DHS and the US military, the Federal Aviation Administration was in attendance. That agency has a mandate from Congress to come up with new rules governing domestic drones by the end of this year. So far…

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Why you should use crowdsourced testing

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Back in May, Creative Bloq ran an article about how web experts manage cross-platform testing. The developers and designers consulted employed a variety of methods for ensuring their software functioned correctly across multiple desktop and mobile platforms, and the combination of approaches used depended largely on the organisations in which the experts worked.

Creative Bloq

NASA is testing an autonomous Martian helicopter

Drones are everywhere these days. They’re under Christmas trees. They’re at the X-Games. They’re even in Congress. And if NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has its way, they could be headed to Mars next in the form of the Mars Helicopter.

Rover teams still have a tough time with the Martian surface even though they’re flush with terrestrial data. The alien surface is uneven, and ridges and valleys make navigating the terrain difficult. The newest solution proposed by JPL is the Mars Helicopter, an autonomous drone that could “triple the distances that Mars rovers can drive in a Martian day,” according to NASA. The helicopter would fly ahead of a rover when its view is blocked and send Earth-bound engineers the right data to plan the…

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Link About It: Testing Microsoft’s HoloLens

Testing Microsoft's HoloLens

Unlike Google Glass or Oculus Rift, Microsoft’s new HoloLens headset inserts virtual objects into your real-life world. Although the augmented reality glasses are still in their prototype phase, Microsoft gave GigaOm a demo of its four current applications……

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What’s your approach to browser testing?

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If only making products for the web were a simple fire-and-forget business, life would be much easier. Of course, when you think you’ve crafted the list line of code, the story is far from over. You need to start testing and – given the varied browser landscape – exploring how your site works in different environments.

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In the Field with Aether Apparel: Testing the premium outdoor brand’s latest gear in interior British Columbia’s remote ranges

In the Field with Aether Apparel

After a few flights, a couple hours in the car, a short jaunt in a helicopter and a ride in a steamy snowcat, we found ourselves overlooking British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains, surrounded by untracked powder without a lodge or any mark of human……

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Free Ebook: User Testing & Design – Improving Yelp’s Website

UXPin, UserTesting, and Optimal Workshop team up to demonstrate how to run 3 simple usability tests as part of your design process. As an example, they’ve taken on the exercise of redesigning Yelp based on insights from usability testing.

The free e-book User Testing & Design shows you how to decide and plan usability testing, analyze qualitative and quantitative data, and design and iterate accordingly.

Free Ebook: User Testing & Design - Improving Yelp's Website

The 91-page e-book includes:

  • Advice from usability experts like Jakob Nielsen, Donna Spencer, Jeff Sauro, and others.
  • Actionable tips for breaking down business objectives into design objectives.
  • Usability testing examples showing how to recruit users, write tasks, and turn data into better design.
  • Low and high fidelity screenshots of the new Yelp, with step-by-step explanations of the design decisions.

Download the User Testing & Design ebook

Check it out and feel free to share if it’s helpful. We’d love your feedback on the new Yelp design!

For advice and analysis on 20 different usability testing methods, check outThe Guide to Usability Testing. All 3 companies are also running a bundle deal on their services (save $ 1132).

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A World First in Safety: AstaZero: Sweden’s testing grounds tucked away in a remote forest usher road safety into the next generation

A World First in Safety: AstaZero

Sweden is home to a rich design history where the principle that form follows function is felt in everything from fashion to public transportation. A key focus of the Swedish auto industry—spearheaded by Volvo—and indeed the country as a whole, is……

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Starbucks is testing an ordering service that lets you avoid baristas entirely

I like baristas and efficiency, so the often daily exercise of buying coffee can either be a blissful example of commerce, caffeination, and human interaction, or feel like a trip to the DMV. Starbucks, which is often somewhere in the middle of those two, has now done something seemingly unremarkable to solve the DMV feeling by letting you both order and pay for your coffee with its iPhone app before you enter the store. That’s not an unusual thing in the world mobile food apps (see Chipotle), but Starbucks serves up a rather staggering 47 million transactions every week, and before this it only handled the payments part.

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