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Interview: Jessica Lapidos of TILLYandWILLIAM: We talk to one half of the Brooklyn-based duo that’s revolutionizing fashion with transformable, genderless garments

Interview: Jessica Lapidos of TILLYandWILLIAM

The fashion industry seems inherently designed to form addiction; as soon as you perfect your wardrobe to suit the demands of a particular season’s style, a new era is ushered in. It’s a vicious cycle that is costly to people and the environment……

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My First Sundance Diary Day 2-3: Oh, that’s supposed to be amazing

I’m getting acquainted with Sundance Hype, and now, on the morning of my fourth day at my first ever Sundance Film Festival, I think I’m ready to explain how it works.

Sundance Hype is like a game of telephone. We all arrive knowing nothing, but in an environment full of self-described insiders and reporters and Park City moms and other types of know-it-alls, having information becomes Goal #1 as soon as we hit main street. So you hear something — you read a tweet, you overhear a conversation on the shuttle — and the next time you find yourself making small talk in line or at a party and someone brings up a film you can say “Oh, that’s supposed to be amazing.”

With any luck, it is amazing, and the game of telephone helped motivate you…

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Pixlsby Launch an Awesome Icon Design Bundle That’s Worth Every Cent! (600+ Icons!)

PixelsbyMainPixelsby is a design studio that specializes in creating beautiful UI kits and icons and here we have their latest bundle. Within this package you receive 600+ icons (143 colorful flat icons, 310 modern stroke icons and a bonus 241 handcrafted vector icons) for a miniscule price of $ 9! That's a total of 92% off the total price. […]
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ListenUp: Elvis Presley: That’s All Right

Elvis Presley: That's All Right

On what would have been his 80th birthday this week, Elvis Presley’s first-ever recording was auctioned off for $ 300,000. Though many fans may not know this ballad—called “My Happiness”—it was an essential stepping stone in his career. Presley had……

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Marvel releases an Ant-Man teaser that’s too tiny for you to actually see

How badly do you want to see Ant-Man? Because if you want to know what’s going to happen in it before everyone else, you have a few days to search out details in the ridiculously small, 100-or-so-pixel-wide preview that Marvel just posted online. This type of video is basically a “teaser teaser,” since it’s teasing a soon-to-be-released movie teaser (which will eventually be followed by an even longer movie trailer). It’s actually the second teaser teaser that Marvel has released in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, we saw one for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Today, it’s pulling the same stunt for Ant-Man. This is how you build hype, and while it’s more than a little ridiculous to be staring into an “ant-sized” preview of the Ant-Man teaser,…

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LG announces a curved, 34-inch monitor that’s tailor made for gamers

You’re going to see lots of curved things at CES 2015. TVs, all-in-one PCs, and plenty desktop monitors. LG’s one of the main pushers of curved displays, and tonight it’s announcing one of those products before we head for Las Vegas. The 34-inch UltraWide desktop monitor has been designed for gamers and integrates support for AMD’s FreeSync, which eliminates unsightly screen tearing that can happen when your monitor and graphics card get out of sync. And since it’s got a 21:9 aspect ratio, you’ll be able to see details on screen that are hidden from your multiplayer foes playing Battlefield 4 on 16:9 monitors.

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UnTapped: Maple Syrup for Athletes: All-natural, slow-burning energy that’s packed with vitamins and minerals

UnTapped: Maple Syrup for Athletes

Anyone who has run a marathon, headed into the backcountry or saddled up for a 100-mile day on the bike knows there are some pretty suspect-tasting nutritional options out there. While getting the vitamins and nutrients one needs to maintain performance……

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Interview: Davis Smith of Cotopaxi: Inside the innovative social business combining global causes with outdoor gear that’s built and designed to last

Interview: Davis Smith of Cotopaxi

The desire to see the world, step outside one’s own boundaries and see how others live is human nature. Davis Smith, founder and CEO of socially conscious outdoor company Cotopaxi, spent much of his childhood outside his native US in developing countries……

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Get Nexa Rust for only $49.94 – that’s 82% cheaper


Nexa Rust from Fontfabric Type Foundry is a multifaceted font system consisting of font sub-families Sans, Slab, Script, Handmade and Extras.

Each of these sub-families contains a number of font weights which have a characteristic warm, rough look and display a few degrees of saturation.

Nexa Rust is a rough version of the already popular Nexa and Nexa Slab families with added new matching Nexa Script and Nexa Handmade fonts.

Along with all of this, you will also discover added groups of extras which could serve as a foundation or add that extra “cherry on the cake” to each unique design.

Get Nexa Rust now for only 82% of the price.






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Flickr’s iPad app is exactly what you’d expect – and that’s a good thing

Flickr finally has an iPad app — just four and a half years after Apple’s tablet first hit store shelves. Fortunately, Flickr fans should be happy with the results. The new app takes cues from Yahoo’s revamped Weather, Finance, and Mail apps, which means lots of big, pretty photos, transparent menus, and skinny, sans serif fonts. That means it’s an attractive app, and it turns out it’s good at doing its job, too.

High-resolution photos are front and center, and they sure look good on those Retina display iPads. If you’re a Flickr user, everything you’d expect is here. You can comment, fave, and share photos. In addition, you can view the detailed information pages for photos to geek out on the camera settings used to take that killer…

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