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Top 10 PrestaShop Templates – Have You Already Seen Them?

The blog post presents the page where only the best PrestaShop themes (according to customers’ rating) are collected.

These 40 Hilariously Perfect Timing Dog Photos Will Make You Look Them Twice

As we’ve already seen that right timing in photography is very important. It gives photographer a power to convert a normal shot into a once in a lifetime shot because it requires a great deal of time, patience, and little bit of luck.

These 40 Hilariously Perfect Timing Dog Photos Will Make You Look Them Twice

This showcase rounds up 40 stunning examples of perfectly timed dog photos which looks like pure luck because capturing this type of photos aren’t that easy as it seems.

Brilliant Examples of Perfectly Timed Dog Photos

Photography can serve as a nice source of inspiration. We designers can derive inspiration from almost everything around. We can promise you that when you start browsing them farther in detail it will surely refresh your memory.

01. Look! I can fly.

Look! I can fly.
Image credit: Unknown

02. The sun is mine.

The sun is mine.
Image credit: theberry

03. I can walk on water.

I can walk on water.
Image credit: reddit

04. Perfect catch.

Perfect catch.
Image credit: David Hodgins

05. Am I allowed now?

Am I allowed now?
Image credit: thepoodleanddogblog

06. Liking the head.

Liking the head.
Image credit: theberry

07. Do you like my dog beard?

Do you like my dog beard?
Image credit: Unknown

08. My ball! My ball! My ball!

My ball! My ball! My ball!
Image credit: littlefriendsphoto

09. What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?
Image credit: Unknown

10. The water is too cold..Aaaa!

The water is too cold..Aaaa!
Image credit: Shannon West

11. I can drive!

I can drive!
Image credit: Unknown

12. Do you like my moves?

Do you like my moves?
Image credit: looseleashes

13. Love you daddy.

Love you daddy.
Image credit: Unknown

14. Two head pooch.

Two head pooch.
Image credit: Unknown

15. I can breathe fire.

I can breathe fire.
Image credit: imgur

16. Meet my other half!

Meet my other half!
Image credit: imgur

17. Who says smoking is bad for health.

Who says smoking is bad for health.
Image credit: catsmob

18. Like daddy like son.

Like daddy like son.
Image credit: reddit

19. Get! Set! Goooo!

Get! Set! Goooo!
Image credit: Eliot S

20. Can you hold me Tommy!

Can you hold me Tommy!
Image credit: Unknown

21. It’s time to book the tickets for Olympic.

It's time to book the tickets for Olympic.
Image credit: reddit

22. Let me check my mail.

Let me check my mail.
Image credit: Unknown

23. Too drunk to fall.

Too drunk to fall.
Image credit: reddit

24. I can dance like Egyptians too.

I can dance like Egyptians too.
Image credit: collegehumor

25. This is a one lo-oo-ong neck dog.

This is a one lo-oo-ong neck dog.
Image credit: imgur

26. I lost my dog somewhere!

I lost my dog somewhere!
Image credit: collegehumor

27. Hot beverage time.

Hot beverage time.
Image credit: zokstersomething

28. Fishing like a dog.

Fishing like a dog.
Image credit: buzzinspired

29. This is how I look after a good swim.

This is how I look after a good swim.
Image credit: reddit

30. Copycat.

Image credit: funny-people

31. Human-dog or Dog-human.

Human-dog or Dog-human.
Image credit: Unknown

32. He is too exposed.

He is too exposed.
Image credit: collegehumor

33. After a hell of a day.

After a hell of a day.
Image credit: collegehumor

34. Don’t you dare come near me you Dino.

Don't you dare come near me you Dino.
Image credit: catsmob

35. Head shot.

Head shot.
Image credit: reddit

36. Let me see what’s stuck in your neck.

Let me see what's stuck in your neck.
Image credit: imgur

37. A new way to fly.

A new way to fly.
Image credit: reddit

38. Waiting for my bus.

Waiting for my bus.
Image credit: Simon Dawson

39. I’m a mighty lord.

I'm a mighty lord.
Image credit: Unknown

40. No comments.

No comments.
Image credit: imgur

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Detroit makes millions from parking meters, but it can’t afford to power them

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money, but that’s easier said than done when there isn’t much money to spend in the first place. Detroit, which last year became the largest American city to declare bankruptcy, is missing out on potentially millions in revenue because just about half of its 3,404 parking meters are out of service, according to city officials. It’s estimated that the city could get an extra $ 6 million in revenue just by getting the rest of the meters in working condition.

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Top 10 WordPress Themes – How Customers See Them

The blog post contains information on the newly generated Top 10 WordPress Themes page. This page collects the best templates according to customers’ feedback.

How to Define Visitors’ Eye Path to Lead Them to the Conversion Goal

Thanks to our sponsor, VWO. VWO has made publishing possible this month on UX Booth. Here’s an article from their blog:

How to Define Visitors’ Eye Path to Lead Them to the Conversion Goal

How you arrange information on a page determines where people look. Position page elements in the easiest sequence possible so that it intuitively leads visitors to the conversion goal.

The ‘Fold’ Isn’t As Important As You Think

It is important to remember that ‘above-the-fold’ space is the prime real estate of your website. While the best practice suggests that your call-to-action should always be above the fold, several case studies have proven otherwise. The call-to-action should be positioned when visitors have all the information they need to take action and no sooner. Fold matters but not as much as you think.

In a test run by Marketing Experiments, they crammed important sales information above-the-fold. While most marketers in the audience believed that this page will outperform the original, the page actually proved to be a dismal failure with a huge negative lift.

Read the full article here.

The post How to Define Visitors’ Eye Path to Lead Them to the Conversion Goal appeared first on UX Booth.

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Alexa Meade Paints on People Turning them into 2D Paintings

Alexa MeadeAlexa Meade is based in Los Angeles and specialises in painting on people, creating a 2D painting effect. In this article I have included a video of her explaining the process of how her paintings are made, she also explains how her work is a combination of painting, photography and installation in the video. Images of […]
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Hypnotic Effect of Cinemagraphs & How Can Bloggers Benefit from Them?

Gifs were given a second chance of popularity after cinemagraphs appeared. Let’s see what we can do with such amazing animated photographs.

How To Configure Projects & Reinforce Them Using Bower

In Part 1 of our Bower series, we have shown you Bower’s essential features, which include installing, updating and removing website libraries. Apart from these, Bower also provides some flexibilities. Here we will show you how to configure Bower and reinforce your projects with it.

Change the Bower Directory

By default Bower will create a new directory name: bower_components. If the name does not appeal you, you can change it.

First, we need to create a new file named .bowerrc. Then add the following line in it.

{ "directory": "components" } 

It tells Bower to create and save the libraries installed in the folder named components.

Bower JSON

Bower JSON is a file that defines your project as a Bower package. The file specifies the project name, version, the project dependencies as well as information that is very helpful to keep tracking and documenting your project.

To create this file, navigate to your project directory and type bower init. You will be prompted with several options and questions, including the
(of your project). While the rest options are optional, I would suggest that you fill the following: description, version, main that defines the project primary files, author, license, homepage and dependencies which are the libraries that your project relies on.

If you have the libraries installed in bower_components already, you may select Y when it prompts “set currently installed components as dependencies?“; Bower will register them as the dependencies in the file automatically.

Bower will show you the content before it creates the file. If it looks fine, you can type Y

…and a new file named bower.json will be created in your project directory.

Exporting old projects to Bower

Now that you know Bower is a great tool to help you manage your projects, you may want to use it in your previous projects. Typically, in your old projects, you may have linked the libraries this way within the <head>.

 <link rel="stylesheet" href=""> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css"> <script src=""></script> <script src="js/accounting.js"></script> 

Taking that as our example, here we can see that the project depends on jQuery, Normalize, and Accounting.js (see our previous tutorial, Formatting Numbers With Accounting.Js).

So, let’s run bower init in this project. Then open the bower.json, and define them as the dependencies.

 "dependencies": { "jquery": "1.10.2", "normalize-css": "3.0.1", "accounting": "0.3.2" } 

Next, run thebower install command. This will scan bower.json and install the libraries that are listed under dependencies.

You can safely delete the old libraries and link them to the Bower component directory instead. And anyone that will be carrying on the project later could easily install and update the libraries with Bower commands.

Wrap Up

Bower gives us many configurations, most of which we can’t cover in full here. To explore more of its command lines, you can type bower help that will return the other Bower utilities. Lastly, you can use Bower at any project scale (small or large). It should be helpful to make the project more manageable.