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Practical Wheels & Tires Free PrestaShop Theme Polished to Perfection

Consider this wheels & tires free PrestaShop theme to set up a distinctive site offering a pleasant user experience.

Win A Premium WordPress Theme from ThemeFuse!


You Can Win a Premium WordPress Theme from ThemeFuse!

You may have already heard about ThemeFuse. They are one of the best in the business in regards to premium WordPress themes. They are offering three WordPress themes for the three readers here who are lucky enough to win.

Anyone using WordPress for a blog or website will find that the quality and the style of the ThemeFuse themes are out of this world. The three winners will get a chance to choose from any of the ThemeFuse themes available, which could be a real boost for their site.

We have 3 vouchers to give away. Here’s all you need to do for a shot to win:

  • Add a comment on this post and let us know how you plan to use the theme (5 points).
  • Tweet this post via our tweet buttons at top or bottom of this post (1 point per day).
  • And, of course, click the “Like” button at ThemeFuse Facebook page (3 points).

Use the RaffleCopter widget below to enter!  ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On February 21st, 2015, we’ll let you know who the winners are, so keep watch right here on Web Design Fact!

Check out these examples of WordPress templates from ThemeFuse.

Welcome Inn – Hotel WordPress Theme

Those in need of a hotel style WordPress theme will love this option. It also offers two other styles – ski resort and spa.

Hotel WordPress Theme

Just Married – Wedding WordPress Theme

Here is a beautiful and simple wedding WordPress theme for those planning to get married.

Wedding WordPress Theme

Medica – Medical WordPress Theme

Here is one of the best medical WordPress theme available for doctor’s, clinics, dentists, and more.

Medical WordPress Theme

Evangelist – Church WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is a wonderful option for churches, charities or prayer groups, and more.

Church WordPress Theme

Interakt – Agency WordPress Theme

This modern web theme is ideal for agencies, as well as corporate and business firms. It can even work well for creative studios.

Agency WordPress Theme

The Flavour – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Your only stop if you need a modern restaurant WordPress theme that has all the bells and whistles to push your business forward.

Restaurant Hotel Theme

Why Enter?

You need a great theme no matter what type of site you might be building. The best way to have the perfect WordPress theme is by looking through the offerings from ThemeFuse. The sites look great, they are functional, and they have the best coding.

It is easy to be a part of the giveaway. Just use the RaffleCopter widget, so you have a chance to win the theme of your choice!

Web Design Fact

Contemporary-Style Free OpenCart Cosmetics Store Theme

Get for free OpenCart сosmetics store theme to start a contemporary responsive online shop and uplift its conversion.

Your Chance to Win a X Theme 3.0 License!

Are you still wrestling with creating WordPress websites better and faster? I have some good news: Themeco is giving away a license with the latest version of X Theme. Just follow the instructions at the end of this article and grab the top-selling theme for free.

X Theme: All-Rolled-Into-One now with Extensions

On Themeforest, X Theme continues to make a lot of noise, and has been termed the fastest selling product ever. Its ‘acolytes’ so far rise to 36K, and have many words of praise about the customer support, flexibility, design quality, and overall versatility that they’ve encountered with this theme.

The most impressive achievement yet is version 3.0 with free extensions. These self-made and ‘tweaked’ WordPress plugins from Themeco are optimized for peak performance within X Theme, and can’t be used (or indeed, found) independently from it. All extensions are forever attached to free and automatic lifetime updates.

Four individual designs are built into X: Ethos, Icon, Renew, and Integrity. More Stacks are expected any moment now, yet the existing ones already cover a lot of possibilities. They will help you make business or product websites, blogs or web stores, and even news or magazine sites. You have 30+ demos, educational videos, and a top-rate support to get the full measure of these Stacks.

The other features from X are no less wholesome. You have countless options to customize the theme, and a live preview function. Besides, 40 extremely useful shortcodes are also part of the bargain.

‘Completely solid design, ridiculously customizable, and the support forum is easily the best I’ve used ever, for anything. Ever. Just get X.’

Get Lucky!

Win yourself a free copy of X Theme and relish in the marvelous 3.0 extensions! All you must do is log in to Rafflecopter, and then wait one week to see if you’ve won. Not a big fan of waiting? Click the button below and bag X Theme sooner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Useful Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Theme

It’s ironic that there are so many WordPress themes at large, yet we have such a hard time finding the right one. This article aims to shed some light on questions that plague most web designers, like "what should I look for when choosing a WordPress Theme?"

Well, this is the guide you need for identifying top-grade WordPress themes. We’re going to look into the areas that you need to pay attention to, as well as tips on how to spot the WordPress themes that are worth your money and time.

Look for Versatility

Different clients have different demands that you must adapt to. You may have to create portfolios, business websites, or blogs and magazines. It would be counterproductive to use a different theme every time. First, you spend a lot of time searching for it, and then you have to invest energy learning how to make the best of it.

Each new theme means you have to adjust to a new coding style. Wouldn’t you be better off with a single theme that is powerful and versatile enough to deliver on your requirements and needs across various projects?

If you manage to secure a truly flexible theme, then that theme will not only lay the foundation for many types of websites, but it will also help you come up with unique results again and again.

You also need to keep your options open. While some clients are easy to please, others don’t really have a good sense of what they want. Those are the ones that ask you to make all kinds of changes. So you must ask yourself, does your theme help you please your clients? Would it allow you to modify the website layout from boxed to sidebar/content, or full width? Does it give you the option to modify navigation and go from fixed top to fixed right or left?

Great Support is fundamental

Web designers have to stick to a time schedule. The more projects we undertake, the less time we have – and we need to manage whatever is left on the clock to the best of our ability. Therefore, a WordPress theme is not helpful if it demands too much of our most precious resource: time.

We need to make sure that the themes we’re using are backed by a support team with strong communication skills who can and will help us solve all issues that crop up. There are themes with a team that has lousy response times, and themes with what you might call "decent" standard of customer support. But you don’t want decent, you want excellent support, and on your own terms.

A great support team answers calls of distress in less than 2 hours, and always gives you practical advice that you can work with. You shouldn’t settle for a service that makes you wait up to 48 hours, or directs you to their knowledgebase for answers. When in doubt, check the testimonials because that’s where you can spot great support, if it is provided.

"Everything works perfectly and customer support is second to none."

"Hands down, the best theme and support I’ve experienced. The developers respond quickly in the support forum and resolve any issues in a timely manner. Well done!"

If your theme doesn’t score points on customer support, let it go and move on to another one that helps you stay on schedule.

Clean code and good Shortcodes

The whole point of using WordPress themes is to eliminate web designers’ dependence on programmers and developers. A good theme has solid code and provides plenty of shortcuts – it’s not a matter of shying away from the repetitive nature of manual programming, although admittedly not everyone is a big fan. The goal is to optimize our working process, so we can launch wonderful websites faster.

There is also the issue of transitioning from handwritten code to themes that can keep up with the latest developments and core WordPress features.

In short, clean code is a must-have for any respectable WordPress theme. Improperly written or deprecated code will damage your website with broken-up layouts, data-corrupting shenanigans or worse. A fine theme will make these worries disappear.

Also, it will save you from having to test your website for cross-platform responsiveness and compatibility with the latest browsers (don’t get us started on those). Aside from clean-code, good WordPress themes unlock a series of shortcodes that can be used even if you have minimum to zero programming skills.

You Will Need Plugins

We’ve come to expect plugins with every WordPress theme. You will find that extended functionality is an important aspect – it is here that some themes outshine others. Take a closer look at your themes, assess their utility, and try to see whether the theme developers had gone the extra mile to create custom-made extensions.

Variety Of Plugins

The first checkpoint is a rich variety in plugins. Some themes throw in one or two essential ones which are compatible with others, but you have to purchase them separately and install the plugins yourself. Thankfully, there is a flip side to this practice – you can tell which themes are most considerate of your needs, by the number of plugins they volunteer from the start.

Usability Of Plugins

Then again, on closer inspection, some plugins may turn out to be more useful than others. Some plugins could be useful on a visual level for instance; many web designers prefer to build pages with a visual editor or composer. A gallery-type plugin would also be most welcome, because you never know when you’ll have to showcase a few slides for your portfolio or web store.

Then, there are plugins that help you administrate your website. You could benefit from an analytics plugin, and perhaps an easy-to-manage plugin for the comment system.

Customized Plugins

Last but not least, if the theme you’re looking at took the trouble to customize some plugins, you should check them out. In determining what exactly these extra plugins help you achieve, you might be able to come across a theme that is catered to your very needs. For instance, if you’re crafting an e-Commerce website a terms of use plugin or marketing-oriented plugins like content dock or a video marketing tool may come in handy.

Custom plugins are optimized for fast website loading time. Useful custom-made plugins both load fast and bring huge UX benefits.

Wrap Up

There you have it! Your tips to first-rate themes. As you can see, choosing the right theme is not such a big deal, as long as you stay faithful to four principles: versatility, reliable customer support, clean code and good shortcodes, and lastly plugins, customized or otherwise.

Editor’s note: This post is written by Kate Dagli for Kate enjoys writing roundups for web dev and technology websites. She is currently a staff member of

Build Any Kind of Website with the New X 3.0 Theme

Themeco4You need sharp tools and a certain amount of empathy to go with that design know-how in order to build the perfect website and keep all of your clients happy. Since every client comes from a different background and has unique demands, it’s up to you to deliver expertly crafted web stores, portfolios, company blogs, or websites to present a …
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Free WordPress Theme for Fashion Agency

Free WordPress theme for fashion agency to start or redesign your creative online portfolio.

Are You Using the Best WordPress Theme of 2015?

WordPress themes come in a variety of hues. They could invoke a single purpose, or be ready for anything you throw at them. They could have a lot of features, or a few choice ones. Yet in the end, it all boils down to how well they meet your needs and fit in with your personal working style.

Recently, I’ve been trying to evaluate my choices and gain some perspective. So, I dug up over a dozen premium themes for WordPress and listed them here. I invite you to look them over, and see what you think about the most promising themes at the onset of 2015.

X Theme

First prize goes to X Theme for being so resourceful. It has a resourceful customer service, not to mention powerful features and desirable usability. You can forget about stark templates and create endless unique websites with Stacks. The Stacks are Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos. These are complete designs, open for customization with a live editor.

Nothing’s stopping you to conceive distinguishing websites for all your clients with one of the beautiful designs from X Theme. You receive all the help you can get via tutorial videos, 30+ demos, and a customer service that is second to none. Themeco is working to update their demos for each Stack, and also add some new ones to the pile.

X Theme has amazing new plugins. It recently integrated 15 useful Extensions that are yours for free, once you confirm your purchase. Some of them help you bring visual enhancements to your websites (Revolution Slider, Visual Composer), others are more on the administrative side (Google Analytics, Disqus Comments), or boost marketing (Video Lock, Content Dock).

BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

BeTheme deserves a place on the podium. This is one of the most promising and flexible themes of 2015. Its creators, Muffin Group, have chosen to give us 3 choices. We can either build pages with the Visual Composer, take advantage of some of the 200 shortcodes, or try their very own Muffin Builder. In any case, you may customize every single page on your website with BeTheme.

Overall, users gain access to 70+ demos, all of which are just one click away from installation. The demos are absolutely gorgeous. What is more, BeTheme is compatible with plugins like MailChimp, Contact Form 7, Yoast, bbPress, and WP Mobile Detect. This theme is scheduled to be updated every week, so you can bet that it keeps up with the latest WordPress features.


You don’t always need to get rid of an old theme, and install a new one. Perhaps you should keep it, and use a tool that helps you make some swift changes you couldn’t make before. The Qards plugin would assist you in that task, no matter what theme you’re using. As a matter of fact, it’s engineered to work with all installed themes.

It’s a lot easier to use a card system and strike up different page layouts. Qards lets you do that without programming skills. You can build layouts simply, from cards that are responsive across all known devices. Drop your content there, and tweak anything about your cards with the in-line editor.


I don’t think you’ll hear anyone say that they’re looking to create an unresponsive website in 2015. It’s totally out of the question. All first-class themes are responsive. Brand.ed is a responsive theme that works wonders with your portfolio projects.

It has a standard-compliant, custom page builder to make easy work of crafting layouts. Brand.ed also happens to include horizontal parallax, a fabulous Icon set, and the Slider Revolution plugin.


It wouldn’t do to overlook Divi this year. Elegant Themes have truly outdone themselves with this theme. In my view, it would be a good call to use it for E-commerce websites. If you tried the new divi Builder 2.0, you’d see that it allows you to create layouts by permuting modules. CSS boxes are built in the modules, so there really are no limits to how much you may customize. Divi also has pre-made layouts at the ready.

ROSA – An Exquisite Parallax WordPress Theme

Even though Rosa started out as a great solution for restaurant pages, it has evolved into a multi-purpose theme. And by multi-purpose, I mean photography or portfolio websites. Or any kind of image-centric website, for that matter. With Rosa, you may set up delightful image galleries, and spice up the content with typography animations. Besides, let’s not forget that this is a parallax theme, so you can count on it to engage your website users.

Kallyas -Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

2015 is the year when we separate the wheat from the chaff. Kallyas and its easy-going page builder gets top grades. Since this theme offers 3 portfolio layouts and huge slider variety, it can help you strike up a handsome portfolio website within minutes. Plus, it’s wired for WooCommerce, too. Yet, above all else, Kallyas comes with wealthy documentation. And if you still have any doubts, the customer support instantly relieves you of them.

Royal – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Whenever you’re getting started on a website and aren’t sure how to proceed, move forward with Royal. You’ll find your inspiration among the 60+ themes, for sure. A plethora of widgets and shortcodes are at your service with this theme. 8theme even packed it with an Installer feature whereby users can get a functional website up and running in 10 minutes. Not only a functional website, but a beautiful one, too.

SnapShop – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

If you want online shoppers to flock to your web stores, turn to SnapShot. It’s going to give you the key ingredients to create glorious E-commerce websites in 2015. First off, the WooMapper enables you to pin the product image with information, which gets through to users without their having to wait for another page to load. In addition, SnapShot lets you establish product preview inspired by Pinterest, and give users a simple Product Filter.


For gadget magazines and tech blogs, I recommend Codilight from FameThemes – because it has a stellar review system that you can integrate with posts. Not only that, but the design is very neat. Codilight draws its name from the attempt to make WordPress website creation free from coding. And so, it’s based on the latest HTML5 and CSS. Users never have to write code. The theme options panel is rich and easy to navigate.


Next, I would like to introduce you to WooPress, which is made by 8theme. It would be great to use it this year and come up with ultra chic web shops. Besides, 8theme has a record of intuiting new trends and adopting them really fast. WooPress is essentially based on flat design.

Opus – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Opus would make any company’s website look opulent and polished. What is more, this theme might also be employed for blogs, portfolios, and WooCommerce. You can make use of parallax, and up to 100 shortcodes, to create your Opus website. And the page builder has a live previewer, which makes everything more simple.

Circle Flip – Responsive WordPress Multipurpose Theme

Take a few moments to check out the demos from Circle Flip. This theme allows full demo access, so any curious bystander can see what kind of websites are possible with it. And if you’re hooked, buy it. You can also use 9 pre-styled homepage layouts for company websites.


Jobify is a revered theme for job board websites. My guess is that it will continue to sell wildly in 2015. On ThemeForest, it currently numbers almost 4 thousand users. It takes 5 minutes to install Jobify, and start a mobile-friendly community where users may search/post jobs, and submit listings.


Finally, I would like to mention Javo, an award-winning directory theme with PayPal and MailChimp integration. It’s rich in various shortcodes for items, events, ratings, reviews. Also, you can create custom fields for items. If you want to learn more about Javo and its many features, it’s enough to watch Javo Themes’ video guides on Youtube.

Final thoughts

As the old adage has it, there is no smoke without a fire. So, what premium themes do you think are going to light your fire, as you design fresh websites this year? Do you recognize some of your own favorites on this list? Let me know if you do.

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Ultra-Modern Free Responsive Design Agency Theme

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