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Is There a Sense of Visual Balance in Your Web Design?

Balance is all about harmony. So, when you see something that looks nice with a sense of consistency and similarity, most likely you observe a perfectly balanced composition. It can be an object in…

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Volvo’s Vision 2020: The Road to Safety: In five years, the Swedish automaker aims to have no deaths in its new cars: here’s how they’re getting there

Volvo's Vision 2020: The Road to Safety

Automakers face countless challenges when setting the goals they want their cars to achieve. Balancing interests between emissions, power, luxury, style and safety all weigh heavy in the minds of decision-makers. While some brands have a reputation……

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Is there a formula for design innovation?

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What’s the first thing you do when you receive a new design brief? If it involves sitting down with your team and bouncing initial ideas around, you’re doing it wrong. That’s according to Todd Rovak, managing partner of Fahrenheit 212, who explained his ideas to a receptive audience on the last day of Goa-based design conference Kyoorius Designyatra 2014.

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Samsung is making a musical sitcom about how cool it is to work there

Korean dramas are becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and it looks like Samsung is cashing in on their popularity. As spotted by Business Insider, upcoming “musicom” Best Future will explore young people’s dreams and challenges over the course of six 10-minute long episodes. The gorgeous cast will also be performing covers of popular ’80s and ’90s tunes.

In order to portray the “real” Samsung, the series will be shot at company offices in both Seoul and Suwon Digital City. The idea behind Best Future is to weave a tale about work, life, and relationships that those in their 20s and 30s can sympathize with, and to tempt prospective employees into working with Samsung. Amazingly, this is actually the company’s second foray into the world of…

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Don’t hang in there: 7 unmotivational poster designs

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These posters turn inspirational quotes on their heads

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Is there an alternative to Illustrator? Here are 6…

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Adobe Illustrator CC is a superb vector editing tool that’s ideal for  print work, web mockups and logo design. But it’s also quite expensive and has a steep learning curve for novice users. So what’s the alternative to Illustrator?

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Satya Twena Sunhats: Packable, adjustable, waterproof and super protective, these hats mean there is no excuse to not be sun smart this summer

Satya Twena Sunhats

Known for her old-school methodology and handcrafted toppers, NYC-based milliner (and a CH favorite) Satya Twena is at it again with a line of sunhats that do more than make a beach-friendly statement. Launched this week on ); return…

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Is There Life After Template Installation? Find in the WordPress Webinar

In this hands-on training session, Spence will show you ten steps that everyone should complete to be sure that their WordPress site is setup correctly after installing a new theme.

How To Find The Writing Zone And Stay There

The runner’s zone is a situation that occurs when you have run for a long time, and your body finds a "place" where it hits its peak performance. Your body synchronizes your breaths and move more efficiently, essentially putting you "in the zone". Well, writers have a zone as well. It is that precise spot where our minds and bodies begin to function as one.

When a writer gets in the zone, inspiration, imagination, posture, keyboard command, focus and concentration, and even the perfect amount of emotion all settle in, making us type much faster, make fewer mistakes, automatically correct the mistakes we do make, and essentially enter a supercharged writing mode.

Giotto’s Circle

It is rumored that the famous painter Giotto, an artist working in 13th century Rome knew about the zone and learned to enter it upon self-command. When Pope Boniface VIII was in the midst of choosing artists to be commissioned for paintings for Saint Peters, he sent a courier to all of the renowned artists for a sample, including Giotto.

Why The Pope Chose Giotto

When the courier explained, Giotto slipped into the zone, dipped his brush in red paint, and drew a circle. This he gave to the courier, who was visibly affronted. In fact, when he presented it to the pope, he explained that Giotto, out of disrespect, (so thought the silly courier) used no compass or any instrument at all. Rather, he drew a big, red circle with just a paint brush.

Of course, the pope was nobody’s fool. He had his people check it. Giotto had drawn a perfect spherical shape freehand and apparently, did so without regard to thought, preparation, meditation, or parlor tricks. The ZONE!

So how did he do it? That is an excellent question.

The Four-Step Flow Process

Different writers will tell you different things just as different writers call it different things. To some, it is the writer’s zone. Others call it the kill zone. I have even heard it referred to as simply "the flow", which is more apt. I have a 4-step process that gets me into the zone almost every time.

1. Leave Your Troubles Behind

The first step is to let go, of everything. In order to get to the place where we can write so that the words just flow from us, we have to stop caring about everything and just write. When we do not care about mistakes, misspelled words, grammar, or even time… that is where we will find that uninterrupted flow.

We can fix everything later but right now, we just write. Once we get completely into it, you will be surprised to find that you will make few mistakes anyway. By the way, you have to stop being your own worst critic as well. Let go of everything.

2. The Quiet Time and Place

Choose a time and place to work in carefully. It does you little good to be in the zone if you have four kids running around, the phone ringing off the hook, and an appointment looming in 20 minutes. If you must leave the house to find peace… do so (and leave your troubles behind you).

I have an office with a door I can lock but I also have a park with a bench not too far from my home. Be creative with where you choose to work at.

3. Get the Junk Out By Writing It Out

Write about anything. It does not have to be about a current project at first. Even if you have nothing in your head, just start writing. Clear your mind and write from nothing. If you begin to struggle, keep writing as fast and as hard as you can. You will find that after a few minutes of this, it starts to become easier.

The idea is to get the junk out of your system. You are beginning step one again and starting to let go. You are in a distraction-free place and time, and you are writing. All of the ingredients of being in the zone are falling into place.

4. Stop Writing and Breathe

You are writing, you are not distracted and you do not care about anything. Continue to do this for several minutes until you feel the earth spinning beneath you. When you feel that, you are ready. Stop and breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose. Wait for it: your starting point. Sometimes it comes fast. Sometimes it comes slow. It will come if you wait. The moment you find your starting point… begin to type.

This form of self-hypnosis for writers helps many of us find our writing zone, or flow, or whatever it is that you may call it. Many people also use this process to break the spell of writer’s block as well. Simon, of the uses a similar method except he incorporates music as well.

Finding Your Rhythm

Once you have reached the last step and begin to write, the words seem to flow from your mind and your body is completely relaxed. You form symmetry between them that allows for an excellent writing set without the muscle cramps or aches that come with it.

Once you have found your rhythm, enjoy it!

Is There a Wordcamp Near You?

WordCamps are local/regional/international get-togethers where designers, developers and users meet to share their knowledge. Sure, lots of different software platforms, etc. have their own dedicated conferences. But attending a WordCamp is really not the same as attending a traditional conference.

First of all, attending a WordCamp in your area is fairly cheap compared to other conferences, with tickets usually around $ 20 USD. For that, you’ll get a day packed full of learning opportunities, a chance to meet like-minded devs, and a pretty cool t-shirt. How many other events offer all of that value for just $ 20?

wordcamp wordpress conference

Sometimes, traditional conferences can feel a bit formal and stuffy. WordCamp is nothing like that. There are a lot of creative people in attendance and everyone is encouraged to relax and be themselves. No need to wear a suit or evening gown. In 2012, I spoke at WordCamp Baltimore wearing jeans and a WordPress t-shirt. It felt right at home.

Another important contrast compared to other conferences is that you don’t need to be a WordPress expert to be welcomed and accepted at a WordCamp. In fact, most camps have tracks specifically for users that have little or no experience of WordPress. They are great for getting your questions answered and for learning the basics of the platform.

If you are an advanced designer or developer, there are sessions geared towards helping you learn how to take advantage of the latest and most powerful features from WordPress. I can personally attest to having gained knowledge on many important subjects such as security, custom post types, responsive design and version control. Many sessions will whet your appetite for knowledge and provide a great starting point on your quest to gaining new skills.

WordCamp sessions provide you with not only a diverse subject matter, but a diverse group of presenters as well. You’ll have the chance to learn from expert coders, designers, bloggers, marketers, and quite often, a lead session someone with someone that contributes to the WordPress Core. Here is Matt Mullenweg speaking at this years San Francisco WordCamp:

That learning diversity is a beautiful thing. Listening and interacting with speakers from different backgrounds, varied specialties and experience levels can have such a positive effect on your own skill-set that it leads you to think outside of your comfort zone and push your WP knowledge ever-further.

Last but not least, you are bound to meet some very cool people who share a passion for their work. You might gain some new friendships and resources for learning even more about your favorite CMS.

Is there a Wordcamp near you? Chances are there will be. You can check the Wordcamp schedule here.

Is There a Wordcamp Near You?

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