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This spider combs its tiny silk threads to make them extra sticky

There’s a spider in Britain that’s a tad unusual. Instead of spinning “thick” silk threads (in this case, thick means several micrometers), the garden center spider can spin tiny nano-scale threads that are also extremely sticky. This is particularly useful when catching prey, but until recently researchers didn’t now how the spider managed to make such sticky silk. Now, researchers say they’ve figured it out: the garden center spider’s silk is sticky because the spider combs and pulls at the tiny threads to charge the fibers. In other words, this spider appears to have figured out how electrostatic interactions work.

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Paintings for ants: tiny art by Lorraine Loots

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After publishing Taylor Maze’s little landscapes, I had to write something about Lorraine Loots and her amazing tiny paintings. The artist creates great drawings at a tiny scale, a size at which normal people cannot draw. She extended it into a project of one tiny drawing a day, and all the paintings were collected in […]

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More Than Just Raw Juice: Tiny Empire: The Williamsburg shop hosts skaters, dinosaur parties, and one day, a rally team

More Than Just Raw Juice: Tiny Empire

In the hubbub of Williamsburg, Tiny Empire’s small, pristine space is where people who like juice stop in for healthy drink in a creative environment. The shop’s artistic ambiance stems from owner Anthony Spadaro’s alternative youth. “I was part……

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Marvel releases an Ant-Man teaser that’s too tiny for you to actually see

How badly do you want to see Ant-Man? Because if you want to know what’s going to happen in it before everyone else, you have a few days to search out details in the ridiculously small, 100-or-so-pixel-wide preview that Marvel just posted online. This type of video is basically a “teaser teaser,” since it’s teasing a soon-to-be-released movie teaser (which will eventually be followed by an even longer movie trailer). It’s actually the second teaser teaser that Marvel has released in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, we saw one for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Today, it’s pulling the same stunt for Ant-Man. This is how you build hype, and while it’s more than a little ridiculous to be staring into an “ant-sized” preview of the Ant-Man teaser,…

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The five most important things we might have learned from Ant-Man’s very tiny teaser

Marvel blessed us with a teaser for the Ant-Man teaser earlier today, the upcoming superhero flick starring everybody’s favorite “guy next-door” Paul Rudd. While it was a coy attempt to tantalize without giving away much detail, the studio execs obviously don’t watch enough police procedurals and therefore forgot about our ability to zoom-and-enhance. What we’re left with is a surprising amount of casting reveals and cameos that show the studio’s unraveling faith in the star power of Rudd.

Paul Rudd will certainly be in this movie, which we already knew. But what we didn’t know was that he would appear next to Ranger Smith from the Yogi Bear cartoons. That seems like a confusing creative choice by Marvel until you realize that…

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Baobap Miniature Embroidered Brooches: Irem Yazici’s tiny, hand-embroidered vignettes are not your average flair

Baobap Miniature Embroidered Brooches

Sometimes statement-making accessories make a statement that’s just a little too loud. Baobap’s miniature brooches are therefore perfect for times that require a bit more subtlety, offering a bit of flair that will quickly snazz…

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Collection of Free Page-Loading Effects (Tiny User-Friendly Animations)

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Collection of Free Page Loading Effects

The golden rule of creating great web-based projects that provide online audiences with good user experiences is to not let them wait. It seems like a really simple task, however it just sounds so. Completely upload your content-intensive website that is populated with high-quality, heavy multimedia data in the blink of an eye is simply […]

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Illustrators cram the world’s scariest monsters into a tiny box

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Illustrators from across the world contributed to Monsterbox

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Tiny paintings by Mesut Kul


The Internet has made me an hard-to-impress kind of person, but the level of precision required for the making of such paintings is just amazing. Mesut Kul is a Turkish artist who choses the smallest possible surfaces to create landscapes.








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QUIZ! Can you guess the movie from a tiny part of its title?

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If you’re a fan of typography and the movies then you’ll love this little Creative Bloq challenge. The font used for a movie title is a carefully considered choice. Needing to capture the film’s genre and style, movies that have got it right are as much recognised by title typeface as it is for its genre or actors. Here we’ve taken 15 titles from well known films, left just one letter visible and put them into this cool quiz. Question is how many can you guess correctly?

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