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ListenUp: John Wizards: Cape Town in Your Earbuds mix

John Wizards: Cape Town in Your Earbuds mix

This weekend, the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival will see international acts and local artists drawing a crowd at the centrally located City Hall. As a lead up to the three-day festival, Okayafrica called on five local artists to participate in……

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Word of Mouth: Port Douglas, Australia: Two nearby World Heritage Sites and a watersport-driven coastline make this Aussie town an outdoor adventure launch pad

Word of Mouth: Port Douglas, Australia

by Jocelyn Voo

Often overshadowed by Cairns, a neighboring—somewhat hectic—tourist town, Port Douglas is a reprieve for those desiring the big outdoor adventure of Tropical North Queensland with the kick-back roots of a sleepy fisherman’s town. Not……

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About Town, a Four-Day Video Art Event: Celebrating Ikon gallery’s 50th anniversary with a festival focusing on the magic of the moving image

About Town, a Four-Day Video Art Event

It’s been 50 years since art gallery Ikon in Birmingham, UK, was established by an artists’ group that wanted the space to be “an antithesis to exclusive art establishments and galleries.” This weekend it’s celebrating that…

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Word of Mouth: Bellingham: A James Beard-awarded chef, local craft brews and outdoor adventures in Washington’s scenic bayside town

Word of Mouth: Bellingham

One of the portals to that hypnotically beautiful chain of Pacific Northwestern islands known as the San Juans, Bellingham, Washington offers a dazzling array of outdoor pursuits for the hundreds of rugged young people who descend on this little town every year. While many attend college at Western Washington University,…

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The Simpson’s city illustrated as a deadbeat town


This series of gorgeous illustrations was created by Tim Doyle, an artist based in Austin. His take on the Simpson’s city took a darker turn, making it look like a deadbeat town. Springfield has never looked so beautiful.







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Word of Mouth: Astoria, Oregon: Freshly caught tuna and salmon, an auto body shop turned café and more rustic charm in this river town by the sea

Word of Mouth: Astoria, Oregon

by Jenny Miller The Oregon Coast enclave of Astoria, Oregon is not exactly a beach town. Though it’s just a few miles from the state’s austere, breathtaking stretches of sand, this former canning and maritime hub of about 10,000 people is perched on a hill at the spot where the…

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DIY Boards at Biarritz’s Blank Surf Shack: Shape your own stick in the thriving French seaside town

DIY Boards at Biarritz's Blank Surf Shack

by Jorge Grimberg Known by many surfers as the “French California,” Biarritz is just a 20 minute drive from Spain along France’s Basque coast. The city boasts truly world-class surfing, is home to the European headquarters of major surf labels including Quicksilver and Billabong,…

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Word of Mouth: Paraty: Cachaça, fresh food and local art provide the rustic setting for this historic Brazilian town

Word of Mouth: Paraty

by Abby Morgan Walking around the maze of streets paved with irregular stones, visitors can feel the Portuguese presence that first landed in Paraty 500 years ago. Situated in a sheltered bay at the edge of the wild Mata Atlantica (Atlantic Forest), the charming seaside town is a relic of…

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New ‘Gotham’ trailer shows the good and evil in Batman’s home town

There’s only two months to go before Fox’s Gotham brings Batman’s home town to the small screen. The city may be the birthplace of the caped crusader, but Batman won’t star in the show — instead, it follows the man who would become Commissioner Gordon as a young detective, working to deal with the rampant crime and corruption in the city. A new Gotham teaser trailer hints at the kind of trouble Gordon will face in his quest, showing the detective strolling toward a murder scene, flanked on left and right by villains and criminals including Catwoman and the Riddler.

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Design Dilemma: The New Designer in Town


This one just came in from Case: 292PLUTO-X (remember, we’re using case numbers instead of names or initials now). He’s a young recent graduate who moved to the big city (Seattle, which is a big tech center) and is confused about doing print vs. digital and wants to know which to pursue (both, of course, but more digital in Seattle) and how can he make connections to find a job.

So, join us as we delve into another Design Dilemma, helping to answer your questions, queries and concerns about the murky world of design

Unfamiliar Territories

Here’s the dilemma:

Hello, I am graphic and web designer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and just moved out to Seattle, Washington towards the end of last year to try to find a better opportunity within the design environment. The design market in Milwaukee is pretty limited by being a small city compared to Seattle. I just finished up my web-design certificate at a local tech college in Milwaukee and trying to expand and get more experience with it, but like every college kid experiences and hears often is that you have to have experience to get experience within that field of study since a lot of companies are looking for more then 2 years of professional experience in that area.

“I am trying to find a happy medium between the two so I can be more marketable, but I see that either you focus on web and media or print 100%.”

I have 7 years of experience in print, but I would like to expand on that and focus on mainly the web and media environment since Seattle is more of a techy city. I know a lot of companies are still looking for print designers, but the future positions (UX/UI, Visual Designers) are moving towards the web and media environments. I am trying to find a happy medium between the two so I can be more marketable, but I see that it is either you focus on web and media or print 100%. With print, I have done it from concept to the final press checks. Created all types of printed pieces from trade show booth graphics, packaging and marketing advertising materials (logos, brochures, company ID, etc.).

I am just stuck on what area I should focus on more just to land a job, but still try to get into the web and media environment.  Hopefully you can give me a few options to look at with my print and web dilemma.

Thank you,

Case: 292PLUTO-X

I had to read this a couple of times because I had to prove to myself that I had not just received an email from 1998. It’s not actually that uncommon. I hear it a little more often than I’d like. Is there really a question about digital vs. print these days? Have art schools failed students for over a decade, not giving them updated statistics on web and print? Obviously the answer is — “yes!”

Those of us who were at least entering the design field when computers arrived on the scene still assert that having a basic knowledge of the printing process may be curmudgeonly and as boring as an episode of Matlock. Yes, print goes on and will continue… but for how long, in light of school kids being given tablets, rather than books? Tablets and readers, digital billboards and augmented reality for Google Glass. I doesn’t look promising.

I wrote back to the person in question with some gentle “Mr. Rogers” advice:


I still get this question from a lot of students and working professionals who want to transition from print to digital. First, let’s clear up that conundrum about your choices of print or digital. If you want to die, do 100% print. If not, you can certainly do a mix with digital, which has really been the standard for the past fifteen to twenty years for “designers.” So, I’d say really learning digital design is the way to go and will have a better financial return than print would.

“Is there really a question about digital vs. print these days? Have art schools failed students for over a decade, not giving them updated statistics on web and print?”

Keep in mind, that a town like Seattle isn’t just about web design. It’s apps, technology… the next big thing on the web! Will you just tread water in web design, or just ahead a light year or so and get in on the technology that will drive the web in the future, as opposed to invest yourself into what has been around for a long time and is due for a big evolution.

As for being in a new city and wanting to make friends and connections, Seattle has some great design organizations. Join them, attend events, participate on threads about design on local group websites, volunteer for these groups and put yourself out there as best you can.

The reply?:

Hello Speider,

It helps. Thank you for taking the time to help me out and give me some advice with my dilemma. I really do appreciate it.


I moved from NYC, where I was born and raised, to St. Louis, Missouri (I married a St. Louis girl and beware that all small town kids want to return to show up their family). I was definitely a square peg being hammered into a round hole but my differences were noticeable and I soon found I was known around town. However it happens, there is no bad way to get press, they say. I prefer, in the words of Dorothy Parker: ” I don’t care what is written about me so long as it isn’t true.”

I went to Phoenix for a year and a half on family business and got to know people exactly as I’ve described in the answer I gave in our dilemma today. It’s true that I’m weird and have no inner monologue, so everything comes spilling out, so if people can put up with me, you should have no problem meeting the right people, whether you’ve recently moved, or have lived in the same place all of your life.

I know it can be hard for some people, but it IS who you know in the business world. So, get to know people, know your print basics and say “hello” to technology as soon as it happens.

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