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Jawbone’s new Up3 is its most advanced fitness tracker ever

Jawbone loves data. It loves collecting more data; it loves collecting better data. Data is what makes the Up platform turn, what helps it turn its product from simple trackers into devices that subtly nudge you toward a better, healthier life. Today, Jawbone is launching a high-end product designed to get better data, and a low-end product designed to get more. Meet the Up3 and the Up Move.

The $ 179 Up3 is the most advanced tracker Jawbone has ever made, and yet it’s smaller and lighter and more comfortable than even the Up24. In addition to the accelerometer for measuring movement, the Up3 has skin and ambient temperature sensors, plus a series of sensors to measure what’s known as “bioimpedence.” Jawbone can use microcurrents to…

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Lenovo’s first fitness tracker looks a lot like the Fitbit Flex

Everyone wants a piece of the fitness tracker pie. Lenovo has quietly revealed its entry into the market, a Fitbit Flex-like device called the “Lenovo Smartband SW-B100.” It appears that the product has accidentally hit the web — there’s no official announcement from the company. Instead, a small product page has just popped up on the Chinese computer giant’s website. The page is somewhat transparent about the company’s goals for the device: “the Lenovo Smartband is for young people who take care of their personal health and are interested in new tech trend products.”

From the product listing, the Lenovo Smartband offers a similar set of features as other fitness wearables. It will track your steps, distance traveled, calories…

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Why Issue Tracker for WordPress Documentation Should be Worth the Wait

Looks like WordPress is going to bring in the new feature called issue tracker. Let’s have a look at what exactly it is, and how this feature can help an average user.

KidFit: A Wearable Activity Tracker for Children: A simple device that turns any daily dose of activity into a game

KidFit: A Wearable Activity Tracker for Children

Wearable technology is increasingly a part of everyday life. From measuring sleep and activity to integrating fully with smartphones via Glass or smartwatches, these gadgets are only set to grow in popularity and sophistication. However, tech accessories for kids are few and far…

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Trax: The world’s smallest real-time GPS tracker brings relief to parents and pet owners


With the recent release of its teeny yet powerful Trax realtime GPS solution, start-up Wonder Technology Solutions joins a growing list of Swedish wearables-focused companies with roots in the…

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Basis Band and App: An easy-to-use health and heart rate tracker with advanced sleep data

Basis Band and App

The wearable activity monitor market has exploded; we saw more than 30 players at this year’s CES. Basis—an easy-to-use watch with a mobile and web app offers data more…

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LG Lifeband Touch fitness tracker leaks a little early

A new wearable device from LG has seemingly been exposed by prolific leaker Evleaks. Allegedly called LG Lifeband Touch, it appears to be a device in the same vein as LG’s announced-but-never-released Smart Activity Tracker. That device, which debuted at CES in January 2013, was able to display notifications from your phone, such as text messages and calls, and also had built in GPS tracking and a heart rate monitor.

Last week, rumors circulated that LG was planning on releasing a pair of wearable devices, called the G-Arch and G-Health. The company told us it has “no products called G-Arch and G-Health in development,” but it appears it is planning to announce a health-focused device soon. Little is known about the Lifeband Touch,…

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Design Inspiration: Fitness Tracker

An interesting and compelling design concept for a new fitness app for the iPhone. I like the satisfying use of green and red and the attention given to shape, particularly the hexagons.

This design was featured on Sunday 15th of December 2013. It’s designed by Rick Waalders, and falls under the category of iPhone App.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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Selecting the Right GPS Tracker for You

Selecting the Right GPS Tracker for YouThere are numerous GPS tracking systems on the market today and more are emerging each year. GPS technology itself is advancing at a rapid pace and even industry professionals can have a hard time keeping up with it. If you have never shopped for gps devices then you are probably feeling overwhelmed at the wealth of options available to you. This quick guide will help get you started selecting the GPS tracking device that is right for you.

Asking the right questions

Above all, a gps tracker is a useful device. It is intended to track the location of an item and relay that information back to the person responsible for monitoring the device. If you were hoping to use your GPS device for something other than this then you may need to look elsewhere for your technological solutions. A GPS device will not be able to relay back sound, video, or any other special data; that sort of technology is limited to television and movies.

Next you have to consider what you want to track. Would you like to use a tracker to monitor a vehicle, a valuable piece of art or an antique, an important laptop or other tech item? A person? Do you want to track more than one object at once? The kind of tracking you wish to do will determine in part what sort of GPS device you shop for.

The basic types of GPS trackers

Trackers are primarily distinguished by their power source. You can choose from battery-powered trackers or those that depend on an outside electrical power source.

  • Battery-powered GPS trackers run on rechargeable batteries. These trackers are usually quite small so they can be slipped into a backpack or carrying case without anyone being the wiser. Some of these trackers can be set with magnets so they can stick to any ferrous surface, such as the undercarriage of a vehicle. The length of charge life will vary between models. Some pricier tracker models are motion activated and require only a minimum charge if stationary. However, if you need a tracker that operates continuously then spending the extra money on a motion-activated device may not be worth it.
  • Hardwired electrical trackers are usually used in vehicles because of the advanced electrical wiring already present. The tracker is connected directly to the vehicle’s electrical system and uses such a small amount of power that the drain will not be noticed by the operator. Connecting this type of tracker to the electrical system will take a little work. Unless you are comfortable working on automotive power systems yourself you should probably take it to a mechanic to have the tracker installed correctly.

Other points to keep in mind

Almost all trackers are around the size of a cell phone or a little smaller. They can fit in the palm of your hand. With battery-powered trackers the smaller they are, the less energy storage capacity they have; they will require more frequent recharges and may not have the operational life span that larger models do. If the tracker does not power down during periods of inactivity the operational battery life will be somewhat shorter; you will need to be diligent about recharging the tracker between uses.

Ultimately, you want to narrow down your choices to the gps devices that are going to best help you accomplish your specific goals. You will have to realistically think about size, weight, and battery life before making your final selection. Asking the hard questions will help you make sense of the many options available to you.

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Withings takes on Fitbit and Jawbone with the $99.95 Pulse fitness tracker


Back at CES, Withings revealed its Smart Activity Tracker, a competitor to the many wearable fitness-tracking devices on the market like the Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, and Jawbone Up. It was supposed to launch by the end of March, but the company has just now started taking pre-orders for the device. The newly-named Withings Pulse is now on sale for $ 99.95, and the company says it should ship within the next 30 days. It otherwise looks nearly identical to what we saw at CES this year — much like the Fitbit line of activity tracks, the Pulse keeps tabs on your steps, distance, elevation climbed, and sleep cycles. It also lets you measure your heart rate by inserting your finger into the clip on the back — a feature that perhaps gave the…

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