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5 design tips for creating travel websites

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In this age when many designers are striving for minimalist designs, one industry that still suffers from cluttered websites and apps is the travel industry. But rather than focus on minimalism – which is often associated with a very sparse aesthetic – the objective when designing for the travel industry, should be on simplification. Simplifying designs for travel websites and apps can often be challenging because of the amount of content that has to be displayed. Let’s take a hotel website, for example:

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Spontaneous Global Travel with Booking Now:’s new iOS makes adventuring at the last minute very easy

Spontaneous Global Travel with Booking Now

At a rapidly increasing rate, travelers have begun booking hotel accommodation at the very last minute—with more than half of all travelers booking within a mere 48-hour window before a scheduled trip. That, coupled with the radical increase in the……

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Vintage-inspired travel posters by NASA for exoplanets

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NASA recently released a series of vintage-styled posters that promote some of the most famous exoplanets. Exoplanets are planets that orbit around other planets, outside of the solar system, and stay in a potentially habitable zone. Are those posters a glimpse into the future? We will probably not know it… but I hope it is.

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Best of CH 2014: Travel: From Tokyo’s skyscrapers to the Blue Ridge Mountains, a look at 10 of our favorite travel stories from 2014

Best of CH 2014: Travel

Travel serves as one of the greatest sources of new ideas, perspectives and creative inspiration. Over 2014, the CH team was lucky to have ventured around the world to renowned and remote destinations alike. Adventure remained a constant theme throughout……

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Travel and Landscape Photography by Koveh Tavakkol

landscape photography2Koveh Tavakkol specialises in travel and landsape photography, he is completely self taught and captures beautiful photographs with great composition. Koveh has backpacked in the Himalayan Mountains, trekked the coastlines of new Zealand and more to capture images like the ones below. This appreciation goes beyond landscapes, and extends to all types of photography.  I often find […]
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FAVD + The Miami Beach Edition Travel Guide: Explore Art Basel based on carefully selected recommendations from your social network

FAVD + The Miami Beach Edition Travel Guide

After a successful soft launch during the most recent fashion weeks across NYC, Paris, London and Milan, web and iOS travel app FAVD is heading south to Miami for Art Basel. In addition to offering carefully tailored guides from trusted voices (be……

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Chief Trunk’s Historic Luggage: Iconic American luggage brand Oshkosh Trunk Company is seen through new eyes, resurrecting the golden age of travel with a modern touch

Chief Trunk's Historic Luggage

All great successes have an element of providence—for the Oshkosh Trunk Company, it came in the form of a surplus of deadstock canvas. In the 1800s, an unnamed American mill had been churning out red-and-yellow striped canvas for use by Spanish diplomats……

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Pineapple Magazine: Designers Changyong Park and Patternity discuss urban greenery in Airbnb’s new quarterly travel magazine

Pineapple Magazine

To elevate their home-rental business to another platform, today Airbnb introduced their first print publication, playfully entitled Pineapple. With contributions from conventional writers and hosts, the glossy magazine aims to take on the traditional……

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Sidetracked Magazine: Adventure Travel: Rich photography, heartfelt writing and journeys beyond the beaten path

Sidetracked Magazine: Adventure Travel

Spirited travelers know the value of immersing oneself in the unknown. Getting lost is a real possibility, if not a given. Dubious roadside food will no doubt be consumed alongside the most memorable, high-quality meals. While travel guides and local tips all have…

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Ebola travel bans are ‘irrational,’ says head of Red Cross

Imposing travel bans that prevent people from Ebola-stricken countries from leaving those countries would be “irrational,” said Elhadj As Sy, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, during a press conference earlier today. The measure — one that would be borne out of fear and panic — simply wouldn’t curb Ebola infections.

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