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Powerful painting app offers artists unique creative options

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Mischief makes a great scratchpad for ideas, as shown by Sycra Yasin

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Unique number typography plays with negative space

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Forma and Co were tasked with creating a beautiful number font

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Valentine Goods for Apple Products: Using unique skins like ostrich, stingray and cobra, this NYC designer makes iPhone accessories that are a cut above the rest

Valentine Goods for Apple Products

Awash in a sea of iPhone accessories, Valentine Goods is a step above most. Valentine Goods first caught our eye in May 2012 with a set of premium leather iPhone backs made using an original selection of uncommon skins such as ostrich, stingray and……

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Sonos Blue Note PLAY:1 : A shared passion for HiFi audio and dedication to the world’s best music breads a unique and colorful collaboration

Sonos Blue Note PLAY:1

We’ve long been supporters of Sonos, watching their evolution over the past 10 years—we even teamed up with lighting designer Lindsey Adelman to create a one-off Soundalier during NYCxDESIGN week in 2012. That said, the HiFi audio-obsessed brand……

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Cool Hunting Video: A Tour Of New York City’s Rarities: From a hidden luxury bar to the secrets of the hidden magic library, we explore some of NYC’s most unique locations

Cool Hunting Video: A Tour Of New York City's Rarities

When thinking about our video series inspired by The Macallan Rare Cask, we started speaking about some other rare treasures that we love, many of them in our hometown of NYC. For our final video in the series we visited a number of special spots……

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Winter Skincare: Foreign Imports: Fighting dry skin with bee venom, snail mucin, Dead Sea mud and other unique formulas from around the world

Winter Skincare: Foreign Imports

While our skin has put up a good fight thus far, after a few consecutive months of being pummeled by the cold, dry air outside, and even drier heat inside, it begs for a little more love. Featuring brands from outside the US that have taken extra care……

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Unique web design book explores how interfaces fit together

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Pittsburgh based web designer, Brad Frost, is writing a book – Atomic Web Design. Frost will be writing the book live on GitHub. As he works, the community can read what he’s written and contribute to the work. More importantly, the community can start using learning and benefiting from the book before its complete. 

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Your wearable camera wobble is as unique as a fingerprint

First person video appears to be a perfect way to broadcast footage without revealing an individual’s identity. It’s intimate but anonymous: hiding the filmmaker’s face and body while showing the world through their eyes. But now, as GoPros, Google Glass, and police body cameras make this sort of footage more common, Professor Shmuel Peleg and Yedid Hoshen of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have created a method of identifying first person filmmakers solely from the wobble of their cameras.

“The idea of distinguishing one person from another comes from analyzing the person’s gait,” explains Professor Peleg in an interview with The Verge. “Everyone has a different body build, height, muscles, and skeleton, and so the body moves…

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Unique Portrait Paintings by Kris Lewis

Unique Portrait Paintings4This collection of unique portrait paintings are by Los Angeles based artist Kris Lewis, the pieces below were all created using oil paints on board, canvas or wood. Kris has had his work featured in galleries and museums around the globe, L.A, San Francisco, London and Rome to name a few. As I begin a painting the subject […]
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Unique Oil Paintings by Davide Cambria

Oil Paintings2Davide Cambria is the artist behind these oil paintings, he creates them using oil paints on canvas, wood or board. He is a self taught painter that has been represented by Saatchi Art and specialises in portraits.  The face resists possession, resists my powers. In its epiphany, in expression, the sensible, still graspable, turns into […]
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