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University challenge: designing the Shanghai Ranking

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Sawdust was commissioned to design the first printed version of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), known as the Shanghai Ranking, turning the content into a 350-page book. The design duo handled art direction and layout, and created a full set of custom numerals.

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Pixar creates new lighting tools for Monsters University

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They may be masters of the late-night fright, but even the most naturally scary monsters have to go to school to perfect their art, as we learn in Pixar’s latest animated feature Monsters University.

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University of California wants to let you read all its peer-reviewed work


Following the death of Aaron Swartz, governments and higher education seem to have stepped up their efforts to make scholarly research more readily accessible. Now, the world’s largest public research university, the University of California, has voted to make the published works of its more than 8,000 faculty members free to the public, by default, at the university’s eScholarship website. Faculty at three UC campuses will start contributing papers on November 1st, with the rest to follow in November of next year.

“Doesn’t the opt-out approach mean the policy has no teeth?”

There is that one caveat, “by default,” because researchers and scholars can opt out of the program on a per-paper basis, say if they want to reserve their work…

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Create your own Monsters University character

Check out this fun web app by Watson Design Group and start creating your own monstrous avatar…


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Experimental ads for Tama Art University


A series of almost 40 prints created to promote the University of Tama Art, commonly referred as Tamabi. Those ads were created by Kenjiro Sano, aka Mr Design. Via Spoon & Tamago.






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University website is a cut above the competition

Bridgewater State’s website uses stripped down content and large imagery to great effect. We chat to the design agency that made it.

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Delivery for Indiana Jones stirs up mystery at The University of Chicago

university of chicago indiana jones mail

Last week The University of Chicago was the recipient of a mysterious package addressed to Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., otherwise known as archaeologist Indiana Jones. The school has no idea where it came from, how it got there, or why it was even sent in the first place, but it does know that its contents would be valuable to Dr. Jones, a former student of the university. Found within the package was an elaborate, handwritten journal by fictional University of Chicago Professor Abner Revenwood, who had taught Dr. Jones during his undergraduate years. The book itself has an aged appearance, and contains weathered inserts, pictures of Marion Ravenwood, and replica money to make it all appear older than it likely is.

The university is now…

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