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A self-driving car concept unveiled by Mercedes-Benz

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Google isn’t the only company that actively works on a self-driving car, although the are the ones getting the most press for it. At CES in Las Vegas, Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz presented the concept self-driving car they’ve been working on, and it does look futuristic. Design-wise, the car has a very ergonomic look-and-feel, with […]

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First marijuana vending machine for consumers unveiled in Colorado

Vending machines that serve up pot have existed for some time, but up until now have only lived behind counters at medical marijuana dispensaries. Now, the very first weed vending machine that customers can access has finally made its debut in Avon, Colorado. Herbal Elements, a local medical cannabis collective, today received a ZaZZZ vending machine manufactured by American Green. The dispensary made its excited announcement this afternoon:

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Here’s how Sony unveiled its vision for virtual reality

At the 2014 Game Developers Conference, Sony proclaimed that virtual reality was the future of gaming — and introduced the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset to back up that claim. Perhaps you were following along with our live blog, but if not, you can watch the reveal on YouTube today. Sony has uploaded the full hour-long presentation, which includes insight into the company’s entire VR strategy alongside the reveal, as well as answers to burning questions from reporters like yours truly. If you’re eager to know how Sony might position itself vis-a-vis Facebook in the VR space, look no further.

For even more perspective on VR, watch this presentation by Valve virtual reality expert Michael Abrash after you’re done, and…

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The best branding work of the year unveiled

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Rose’s work for Art on the Underground won Best of Show: Branded Campaigns Organised by Computer Arts magazine, the inaugural Brand Impact Awards were announced last night at a glittering ceremony at the London Film Museum.

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Nokia Lumia 525 unveiled as successor to the most popular Windows Phone

Nokia’s Lumia 525 Windows Phone has long been rumored, and the Finnish smartphone manufacturer is making it official today with little fanfare. Designed as a successor to the popular Lumia 520, Nokia’s Lumia 525 looks almost identical. Inside there’s not many changes either. It has the same 5-megapixel camera without flash and no front-facing addition, and Nokia has opted for 8GB of storage with a 4-inch WVGA display and a dual-core 1GHz processor.

The main difference is the amount of system memory. Nokia’s Lumia 520 shipped with just 512MB of RAM, which was a slight problem early on for some apps and games that required 1GB of RAM. The latest Lumia 525 resolves that with 1GB of RAM onboard. With little changed on the inside…

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Top 5 movie logos unveiled at Comic-Con

Pretty much every upcoming superhero movie unveiled its new logo at San Diego this weekend. Here are the ones that most grabbed our interest…


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