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Ancient Heritage Dairy: A father-and-son team produces award-winning cheeses in Portland’s first urban creamery

Ancient Heritage Dairy

With all the international attention Portland, Oregon has garnered in recent years, it seems to be changing even more each year. That is to say, it’s becoming even more Portland-y. Southeast Portland is rapidly becoming populated with artisanal food……

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Restaurant Branding: Urban Bistro

Restaurant BrandingUrban Bistro is a contemporary restaurant that specializes in quick, fresh and simple ready meals. The restaurant branding was created by a group of 5 people; Nuno Abreu, Jorge Abreu, Jiani lu, Marta Abreu and Sana Maarrawi. Together, they had to develop brand and identity, interior design, furniture and the space planning of the restaurant.  The brand […]
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We Are Ink’d Temporary Tattoos: Bristol-based contemporary publisher Urban Graphic taps their favorite artists for non-committal body art

We Are Ink’d Temporary Tattoos

We’ve come a long, long way since the times when getting a tattoo was the exclusive prerogative of those on society’s fringes. Getting inked is still a pretty big decision however, so trying it out beforehand can oftentimes seem like a good idea……

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Pineapple Magazine: Designers Changyong Park and Patternity discuss urban greenery in Airbnb’s new quarterly travel magazine

Pineapple Magazine

To elevate their home-rental business to another platform, today Airbnb introduced their first print publication, playfully entitled Pineapple. With contributions from conventional writers and hosts, the glossy magazine aims to take on the traditional……

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2014 OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome: 15 artists from six different countries come together for NUfactory’s ephemeral celebration of street art

2014 OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome

At the recent private preview of the OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome, we were approached by two men in their 60s while we stood outside of the massive gates of an abandoned house in San…

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Moniker Art Fair 2014: A celebration of contemporary art rooted in urban culture in East London

Moniker Art Fair 2014

Innovative art company Moniker Projects’ eponymous Moniker Art Fair just marked its fifth anniversary with a three-day show at The Truman Brewery in the creative and commercial center…

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Mother Pigeon’s Outstallation: An artist’s hand-felted birds demonstrate the beauty found in urban wildlife

Mother Pigeon’s Outstallation

Mother Pigeon’s rapture with New York City’s indigenous wildlife has led to a course of activism, through art and public installations. The artist, known to her human companions as Tina Piña Trachtenburg will debut a gregarious…

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Awesome 3D Spider Mural by Nychos for Knotenpunkt 14 Urban Art Festival

3D spider muralGraffiti artist Nychos has created this awesome 3D spider mural, at the ‘Mural Kick Off’ for Knotenpunkt 14 urban art festival in Hamburg. The mural is of a huge black widow spider that has been sliced down the middle revealing its grusome insides.  This year‘s KNOTENPUNKT Festival will already open up in September by a spectacular side event. Within […]
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Design jargon explained: urban sketching

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Urban Sketchers is a global community of artists who practice drawing on location in cities, towns and villages they live in or travel to. The movement was started on Flickr in 2007 by journalist Gabriel Campanario, who went on to establish Urban Sketchers as a nonprofit organization in 2009. Here Elizabeth Alley explains what it’s all about and why you should get involved…

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Urban Cage iPhone and iPad stand


An iPhone and iPad stand series designed by Yi-Ting Chen from Shanghai, China. Inspired by the bird cages old people across China take out to the gardens every morning, this hanging iPhone and iPad stand is a good example of minimal design done right.

The photography work to present the design object is also stunning and done by Chang Chieh.






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