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Alternative uses for Android tablet computers

A most unfortunate event has happened in my life – my faithful Android tablet has taken the leap of faith from my lap and landed flat on its screen. The result (as it didn’t have no…

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Toyota uses Oculus Rift to train teens not to text and drive

No matter how much we may hate waiting on VR, there’s at least one reason to be grateful it’s taken so long: old driver’s ed classes would almost certainly have been unable to handle this technology responsibly.

Consider, for example, Toyota’s “TeenDrive365” Oculus Rift experience. Launched at the Detroit Auto Show today, it’s an immersive simulation of what distracted driving feels like. You get into a real (but stationary) car, put on a head-mounted display, and steer your way down a virtual highway. Slowly, irritations build up: loud music, ringing phones, your friend trying to make you read a text message. Look away, and you crash.

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Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz’s Splash Heroes Uses Liquid To Create Costumes

“Splash Heroes” is a limited edition 2015 calendar by London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, featuring twelve gorgeous women all dressed in stunning reinterpretation of superheroine paint splashing costumes. Photographer says he was inspired by the success of his previous calendar, “Milky Pinups 2014“, but the original idea to do a superhero-themed photo shoot came after seeing one of his friends’ action figure collection. To create such…

The Office For Creative Research: The creative trio uses boundary-defying interfaces at the nexus of art and technology to help people understand big data

The Office For Creative Research

NYC-based The Office for Creative Research unites three internationally renowned media artists—Jer Thorp, Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen—in an exploration of data’s expressive possibilities. OCR harnesses vast troves of raw data, streaming it through……

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10 awesome uses for old plastic bottles

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Almost every house has plastic bottles. It’s obvious as most of the bottles we buy are made up of plastics. Many of us use it only once and throw it to garbage disposal area. But these plastics take forever to get deteriorate naturally which is harmful to the environment. However, despite of ending it up […]

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Japan’s largest wireless carrier uses a shrimp cannon to promote its LTE network

2014 is the year of the seafood cannon. We’ve already seen two ways to use a pneumatic salmon cannon, and now we’re getting a slow-mo look at a dual-barreled, shrimp-frying cannon. This latest video comes out of Japan, and we have none other than wireless carrier NTT Docomo to thank for the culinary hijinks. Because apparently blasting shrimp through flour, oil, breading, and searing flames is a good way to sell a high-speed LTE network in Japan. Who knew?

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ØDD.Lights Interactive CCTV Installation: The NYC retail space uses motion sensors and LED strips for a mesmerizing night show after business hours

ØDD.Lights Interactive CCTV Installation

Fashion label ØDD recognizes the close-knit connectivity between art and style. This awareness infuses founder and designer Judson Harmon’s signature line, as well as the other labels he houses within his Lower East Side…

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Exploring Words and Destruction with “Extracts” : Three typography artists join forces for a group show highlighting their different uses of negative space

Exploring Words and Destruction with

by Jorge Grimberg Currently on view at New York’s No Romance Galleries is “Extracts,” an exhibition curated by Tim Strazza that features work by three artists on one common theme:…

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Brilliantly innovative music video uses 14 interactive screens

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youtube: RC_0NzJ2mWA There’s been some incredible music videos of 2014 already; from animation to kinetic typography to motion graphics, the cr

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10 Creative Uses of Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App: From Burning Man to instant ice cream to NYFW, inspiring takes on the uber-fast time-lapse technology

10 Creative Uses of Instagram's New Hyperlapse App

With the debut of Instagram’s new video app Hyperlapse last week, many people have eagerly tested out the polished time-lapse technology. While we all can’t pull a Godfrey Reggio and bang out a Koyaanisqatsi, there’s already been a plethora of creative uses of…

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