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Limited Time Holiday Special! $30 Off Vandelay Premier

If you’d like design better, design faster and run a more profitable business, a subscription to Vandelay Premier can help! Vandelay Premier gives you access to thousands of graphics and business…

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Limited-Time Holiday Offer: Save $30 on a Vandelay Premier Subscription

Do you want to make more money from your business and save time while doing so? You can do this by purchasing pre-made, professional resources that can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Vandelay Premier offers a wide variety of such resources that can save you time and increase your efficiency including pre-made graphics, html templates, and even legal forms and business documents. While all Premier files are available as one-time purchases, more often than not, a Vandelay Premier subscription–which gives members unlimited access to our entire library of high-quality resources–ends up being a better bargain for most. And this holiday season, you can get an even better deal on Vandelay Premier. Right now, save $ 30 on an annual subscription to Vandelay Premier. So you can enjoy the entire Vandelay library for a full year for as little as $ 49.


So what’s included with a Vandelay Premier subscription? We’ve been updating and beefing up our library this year, so now our library is packed with well over 8,000 files that if purchased separately, would be worth over $ 3500. It now includes art inspired by the latest design trends out there including sleek badges, trendy flat and long-shadowed icons, and we’ve even added several UI kits too! So as a member, you would enjoy unlimited access to this entire library, plus we’re adding new items each week. All Premier graphics are royalty-free and are available for use on an unlimited number of commercial projects–even on products for sale like website templates.

You get all this for one low price–only $ 49 for a full year during our holiday special. Here’s just a small taste of what a subscription to Vandelay Premier includes:

Freelance Starter Kit
The Freelance Starter Kit provides a set of invaluable resources that help with many aspects of a design business. This kit includes important items such as contract templates, complete identity sets (letterhead, invoices, proposals, business cards), vital documents, marketing brochures and email newsletter templates, print templates for portfolio books, and much more. All of the items in this kit help you run a more efficient and profitable business.fsk

Menso Light UI Set
Our most popular UI set, the Menso set includes 4 PSD files packed full of important elements for your next website design–all using a beautiful, but simple, color scheme that make this kit versatile for creating many stunning designs. Also available in various color schemes including Metal, Colorful, and Dark.


Wireframe Pro
An essential for web designers, the Wireframe Pro includes over 400 UI elements that can be used to create your own wireframes and mockups. This set include items such as navigation menus, buttons, sliders, dividers, forms, ribbons, ratings elements, and much more! Chocked full of valuable resources, this mega pack includes a total of 33 PSD files.


Flatty Mega UI PSD Kit
This new Flatty Mega UI PSD Kit is filled with everything you’d ever need when it comes to user interface resources and app design. Included in this Mega UI PSD Kit are over 200 different user interface elements on five fully layered .psd files. This kit is $ 29 by itself, so a Vandelay Premier subscription gets you this, plus so much more!


Vandelay Premier also includes several other UI kits including:
Pistachio Flat UI Set

Retro UI PSD Kit

Light UI Set

and much more!

Our most popular items are the essential web contracts. Included with a Premier subscriptions are a Web Design Contract, Graphic Design Contract, Social Media Marketing Services Contract, SEO Services Contract, and more!

As a freelance artist, you need to be able to sell your designs, so at Vandelay Premier, we offer templates for presenting your work to clients. Here are just a few of our top picks.

Poster Mockup PSDs

Logo Mockup PSDs



Colorful Resume template

Identity Set Mockup

And that’s just to name a few.

Vectors and Icons
A Premier subscription includes hundreds of icons and vectors to plug into your designs, and we even offer complete logo templates as well.

Simple Icon Buttons

Minima Icon Set

Logo Badges








Several logo templates including Vintage Co. Logo Template


And many many more to choose from.

To offer even more value for our members, we’ve gathered some of our top resources together to create mega bundles filled with brushes, textures, and more–all of which are included in a Vandelay Premier subscription.  Here are a few of these mega bundles.

Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle 2: The bundle includes 19 sets of premium Photoshop brushes, totaling 270 individual brushes.

Premier Texture Bundle: A huge bundle of 125 high-resolution (up to 4000 pixels by 3000 pixels) textures that offers a variety of types of textures in one mega pack.

You’ll get all of this plus sooo much more when you become a Vandelay Premier subscriber. So why not treat yourself this year to something you KNOW you’ll put to good use? (trust us–you’ll thank yourself next year).

Save $ 30 on a Vandelay Premier Subscription
Want to see more Premier graphics? Browse the Vandelay Art Library


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Our Top 10 Vandelay Premier Downloads of 2013

Are you short on time? Does it seem like your day rushes by, and yet again, you were unable to check off as many items on your to-do list as you had hoped?

If this rings true for you, as it does for most designers, you simply don’t have the time to sort through the virtual piles of online designs to find that ‘needle in a haystack’ to fit your latest design. So we’ve done some of the legwork for you. We’ve sorted through our extensive resources at Vandelay Premier to find what’s popular with web designers to bring you this list of Top 10 Vandelay Premier product picks! So sit back and relax, and enjoy these highlights of what other designers think are our most useful resources.

10. Illustrator Brush Stokes
This is a huge set of 55 art brushes that will allow you to easily create vector brush strokes in Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Brush Strokes Brushes













9. Distressed Lines Brushes
This set of 20 Photoshop brushes will come in very handy on your textured, grunge websites,  and hand-drawn websites.

Distressed Lines Brushes

8. Web Dividers PSD
This PSD includes 34 different dividers that can be incorporated into your own designs to separate sections of a layout with an attractive visual style.

Web Dividers PSD

7. HTML Invoice Template
Some designers prefer to use coded pages for invoices, so we have a template that will allow you to easily create an HTML/CSS version of your invoice.

HTML Invoice

6. Social Media Marketing Services Contract
The contract template includes sections for limitation of liability, indemnification, fees, and more–all of which can be easily edited to provide the specific details of the services you are providing.

5. Web Design Contract Template
A detailed contract is a necessity for freelancers and agencies. This thorough contract template allows you to easily input the specifics of your project by providing highlighted instructions in areas where you’ll need to fill in your details.

4. Festival Flyer Template
This textured and grungy template is perfect for promoting a festival, as well as other purposes as well. Just insert your own photo, change the text, and you’ll have a great flyer in no time.

Festival Flyer Template

3. Unplugged Gig Flyer Template
This stylish flyer template was designed with bands and gigs in mind but can be used to promote other types of grungy events as well.

Unplugged Gig Flyer Template

2. Wireframe Pro
As one of our most valuable sets, this set includes a total of well over 400 individual UI elements that can be used to create your own high-quality wireframes and mockups in a matter or minutes.

WireFrame Pro

1. Freelance Starter Kit
This starter kit is our most complete set of resources available on Vandelay Premier, so it’s no wonder it’s our top-selling item. This set includes everything from contract templates and documents to marketing materials and print templates, all of which are too numerous to list here. So for a complete rundown of what’s included, click here.

Freelance Starter Kit

Vandelay Design Blog

Limited Time Offer: Save $30 On One Year of Vandelay Premier Membership!

Vandelay Premier December 2012 Discount

If you’re interested in improving your efficiency and effectiveness as a designer during the upcoming year, we’ve got a deal that can help to make it a reality! Through the end of December, 2012 we are offering a savings of $ 30 per year on membership to Vandelay Premier ($ 49 instead of $ 79).

At Vandelay Premier we provide high-quality resources for designers that can be used to speed up the design process and to create designs that your clients will love. Over the past few years we’ve been building up the archives to include more than 650 resource packs with a total value of over $ 3,500. With this promo you can get access to ALL of the resources available from Vandelay Premier for the next 12 months while paying the price of just a 6 month membership.

To take advantage of this offer all you need to do is select the Annual Membership and use the coupon code “vp2013” when signing up at Vandelay Premier.

Not only will you get access to all our our existing resources (including icon sets, UI sets, PSD files, textures, Photoshop brushes, vectors, logos, print templates, and career resources), but you’ll also get access to all of the resources that are added to the site during your membership. We add several new resource packs each week, so the value of membership is constantly increasing.

Unlike some other membership sites, we don’t limit the number of downloads per day or per month for our members. As a member you will be able to download any and all resources that you would like from our collection.

All of our resources come with an extended multi-use license. You can use them on an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects, and they can even be used in the creation of items that will be sold, such as website templates and WordPress themes. If you decide to cancel your membership you can continue to use any resources that you downloaded while your membership was active.

Below we will showcase some of the more popular resources that you can download as a Vandelay Premier member, but if you want a more detailed look you can browse the archives. If you’re ready to take advantage of this limited-time offer you can signup for a Vandelay Premier annual membership using the coupon code “vp2013“.

Freelance Starter Kit

The Freelance Starter Kit is our most popular product, and actually it is a bundle of several of our products. The kit was created to help freelance designers to start their business on a solid foundation. It includes invaluable resources like contract templates, proposal and invoice templates, business cards and letterhead templates, marketing materials like portfolio books and brochures, ebooks on topics related to freelancing, interviews with successful designers, financial document templates, email/letter templates, and more.

Freelance Starter Kit

Wireframe Pro

Wireframe Pro is a complete wireframing set for Photoshop. It includes hundreds of elements that can be used to create professional looking wireframes within Photoshop in a matter of minutes. It includes elements like navigation menus, buttons, ribbons, dividers, sliders, form elements, media player elements, and much more. Wireframe Pro also comes with 13 pre-designed layouts/wireframes for various types of websites. In total, the set includes 33 PSD files (13 layouts, 20 PSDs of various design elements).

Wireframe Pro

Menso UI Set

Menso is the most recent of our massive UI sets. It includes 4 PSDs packed full of elements ready to use in your own website and web app designs, all created with attention to detail and a beautiful design style. We’ll also be releasing alternate versions of the Menso UI set in different colors in the coming weeks. The preview below shows only 25% of the resources included in the Menso Light set. You can visit the product page for the full preview.

Menso UI Set

Exotico UI Set

Exotico was the first of our extensive UI sets and it remains as one of the most popular products at Vandelay Premier. It includes 4 PSDs loaded with elements that are ready for use. The preview below shows only 25% of the Exotico set. You can visit the product page for the full preview.

Exotico UI Set

Precio UI Set

Precio is another huge UI set that can help to save time for your own design work. All of the elements are designed with style, and the set includes 4 PSDs full of design elements. The preview below shows only 25% of the Precio set. You can visit the product page for the full preview.

Precio UI Set

Zephirro UI Set for E-Commerce Design

Zephirro is a massive UI set that was created with e-commerce design in mind. The set includes 4 PSDs full of elements that can be used to create your own e-commerce website designs quickly and effectively. It includes things like product lists (grid view and list view), shopping cart layout, shopping cart widgets, pricing tables, and much more. The preview below shows only 25% of the Zephirro set. You can visit the product page for the full preview.

Zephirro UI Set

Wireapp Mobile UI Set

Wireapp is our series of mobile UI sets especially for designing iPhone and iPad apps. It comes in 5 different styles (original, wood, leather, metal, and fabric), and each style includes retina-ready and non-retina versions of the UI elements. The set includes a huge collection of elements that are common to mobile apps, making it easy to design beautiful app interfaces in no time.

Wireapp Mobile UI Set

Premier Texture Bundles

At Vandelay Premier we offer well over 1,000 high-resolution textures for use in your own designs. While those textures are available in more than 200 texture packs, we have also compiled some of them into 3 bundles, which include 125 textures each. Each of the bundles includes a variety of different textures, so with all of these bundles you’ll have just about all the textures you could need. Preview the bundles here: Premier Texture Bundle, Premier Texture Bundle 2, Premier Texture Bundle 3.

Premier Texture Bundle 3

Photoshop Brushes Bundles

We’ve also put some of our more popular Photoshop brush sets into 2 different bundles. Each bundle includes 19 different brush sets. We have sets like watercolor brushes, grunge brushes, paper brushes, splatter brushes, spray paint brushes, textured brushes, wood brushes, bokeh brushes, cracks brushes, and much more. Preview the brush bundles here: Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle, Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle 2.

Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle

Product Mockups

Sometimes you may have a need to present your designs in a particular way. Maybe you need to show a business card design to a client, or perhaps you want to display an e-book cover on a realistic-looking book. At Vandelay Premier we have a number of PSD files that allow you to create beautiful product mockups very easily. Using smart objects you can paste in your own designs and they will be applied to the product automatically. We have mockups for books, magazines, software boxes, CDs, DVDs, identity sets, coffee cups, posters, shopping bags, and more.

Identity Set Mockup Vol. 2

Premier Icon Bundles

Icons are some of the most valuable resources for web designers because they are needed for just about every project. High-quality icons can go a long way towards making a design look great, and icons are of course important for usability purposes as well. We have plenty of icons available for Vandelay Premier members, including the Premier Icon Bundle and the Premier Icon Bundle 2. Each set includes well over 200 icons that are ready to be used in your own designs. These icons come as 64 x 64 .png files, and the source Illustrator files are also included for added versatility. Preview the bundles here: Premier Icon Bundle, Premier Icon Bundle 2.

Premier Icon Bundle 2

Vector Icon Set

Simple vector icons are extremely versatile and can be used in plenty of web design situations. We have a huge set of 368 vector icons that comes in PSD format. With the icons as vector shapes in Photoshop layers, you can easily add layer styles to customize the look of the icons to suit your needs (colors, gradients, drop shadows, etc.).

Vector Icon Set

Minima Icon Set

Minima is another vector icon set. This one includes 200 different minimalist icons that are ready for use.

Minima Icon Set

Imperfect: A Hand-Drawn Icon Set

Sometimes there will be projects where a more traditional icon set will not be the right fit. Imperfect is a set of 270 icons with a hand-drawn style. They come in Photoshop format using vector shapes, so they can be re-sized according to your needs.

Imperfect: Hand-Drawn Icons

Logo Templates

Logo templates can be highly useful for your clients or for using in your own mockups and demos. We have a growing archive of logo templates available to members. The logos come in .ai and .eps files, so they’re easy to edit and customize as needed.

Logo Templates

Business Card Templates

We’ve recently been adding to our collection of business card templates, and we now have a quality collection that can help when you are in need of a template for your own business cards or for clients.

Business Card Templates

So that is a look at some of the more popular and more notable resources currently available to Vandelay Premier members. If you want to take a more detailed look at the resources you can browse the archives to see everything.

What’s Coming in the Next Year?

By taking advantage of this promotional offer you’ll be getting access to Vandelay Premier for at least the next year, and so you may be wondering what new resources will be added to the site. Our plans for new resources are always flexible as we attempt to see what types of resources are important to our members. While it’s hard to say exactly what will be added throughout the next year we do already have a number of resources ready to go, and others that are currently in development.

We know that our collection of logo templates will be expanded in the next few months as we have our logo designer (Julio Ramos) working on more logos. We also will be expanding our selection of print templates, including business cards, flyers, and brochures. A number of those resources are already designed (by Peter Olexa) and others are in the works. We also have a few variations of the Menso UI set (by Grzegorz Grzelak) already completed that will be released within the next month or two. As far as career resources are concerned, we’ll be adding a few new contract templates in the near future. Of course, we’ll continue to add more of our most popular types of resources like PSD files and textures as well. If you have suggestions about the types of resources that you would like to see in the next year feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact us.

To take advantage of this offer all you need to do is select the Annual Membership and use the coupon code “vp2013” when signing up at Vandelay Premier.

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