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Cool Hunting Video: Photographer Jonathan Mannion: We learn about two decades of photographing hip-hop icons; from Nas to Jay-Z to Lauryn Hill

Cool Hunting Video: Photographer Jonathan Mannion

If you’ve ever wondered who is behind the cover art for some of hip-hop’s most iconic albums then you may be familiar with Jonathan Mannion. With almost 20 years in the industry, the Ohio-born photographer has made a name for himself snapping photos……

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Cool Hunting Video: Mercedes Motoring: A garage full of stunning iconic German autos hidden in the back streets of Glendale, CA

Cool Hunting Video: Mercedes Motoring

Cruising around with Mercedes Motoring owner J.G. Francis, we learned plenty about preserved Mercedes-Benzes. With a strong passion for the brand, Francis and his team search the country for vintage Mercedes-Benzes from the ’60s to ’80s, and then……

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How to Build a YouTube Video Website Background

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YouTube Video Background Website

Big video backgrounds are a recent, and popular, web design trend. Browser-sized videos have brought about a new era of web design in a creative way. If implemented well, video backgrounds add dramatic effect to a site, making it more attractive and engaging to visitors. Aside from the message, one cool thing about video backgrounds […]


Incredible video shows how Space X plans to land largest rocket in the world

You know what’s cooler than a gigantic rocket? A gigantic rocket that can land itself. Elon Musk’s Space X released a new video this week demonstrating just what it plans to do with its upcoming Falcon Heavy rocket, which is set to launch for the first time later this year.

In essence, the rocket is three of the company’s current Falcon 9 rockets strapped together. The result is a rocket that can carry over 115,000 pounds (53,000 kg) — the equivalent of a fully-loaded Boeing 737 passenger jet — to low-earth orbit. When it flies later this year, the Falcon Heavy will be the world’s most powerful rocket. Only the Saturn V rocket, which was retired in 1973 after sending Apollo missions to the moon, was more powerful.

Powerful enough to…

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Cool Hunting Video: Mark Mothersbaugh’s Synth Collection: A glimpse into electronic music’s beginnings and the future of the artistic process with the legendary DEVO frontman

Cool Hunting Video: Mark Mothersbaugh's Synth Collection

The bright green, circular building of Mutato Muzika in Los Angeles is easy to spot when cruising down Sunset Boulevard. But most people might not realize it contains the creative hub of Mark Mothersbaugh, a founding member of DEVO turned award-winning……

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14 Brilliant Video CVs That Will Get The Job

The competitive nature of the job market these day requires that your resume be as creative and unique as possible to catch the attention of your future potential employer. Creating a video resume to accompany your traditional CV would be a great way to stand out from the crowd. They can provide potential employers with more insight into what an individual has to offer.

In this day and age, a video resume is a must-have tool in any job-seekers toolbox. Here I’ve collected 15 real-life examples of creative and funny job application videos from job-hunters from all over the globe to get you inspired. If you’re wondering how much humour, wit and creativity to include in your own job application videos, just take a look here.

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About me by Miguel Durao

What’s a copywriter to do when they’re moving to a new place and looking for a job? Send out an eye-catching CV video of course. Using his writing skills, he tells us all about his “gorgeous girlfriend”.

C.V.I.V – Intro by Graeme Anthony

This self-promotional video is just an intro that links to other videos featured in this series: about me, skills, portfolio, timeline and contact. It demonstrates just how creative you can get with a video resume.

CV by Dai Duong Tran

This creative video CV comes with eye-catching animation and light background music. It showcases the job seeker’s creative skills, personalities and experiences in a way that will appeal to future employers.

My Creative СV by Adam Clowery

Adam Clowery employs digital drawing in his video CV to tell his story. This is an effective way to show off one’s skills and education at the same time.

Video CV by Cristina Castro

Writing on a chalkboard is another creative way to tell your story on video. Cristina is a translator and interpreter with experience in aviation. The great background music also lends a hand in the video.

Animation Resume by Riikka Uhmavaara

This short animated resume is made with AfterEffect and Adobe Illustrator. It depicts all the important form in an entertaining animated video.

Video resume by James Corne

Created back in 2011, this is a light and funny CV video although the setting suggests otherwise. It tells the sad story of a man who has been a workaholic since childhood.

”The Interview Thingy” – VIDEO CV by Alex There

Alex made this video CV while she was looking for a job when she realized that a traditional paper resume wouldn’t work out. The concept behind the video is that it emulates what it would actually be like for her in an interview and how she would answer questions.

A Dream Job Would Be Nice by Mark Leruste

The brief description accompanying this video on YouTube says that thansk to it Mark finally has managed to find his dream job at a global men’s health charity! Mark tells about his education, working experience and hobbies in a fun and fresh way.

Video Resume: Google Please Hire Me by Matthew Epstein

It’s pretty clear to see from the title of the video which company Matthew wants to hire him. He even created a site for his resume called

Video Resume by Eric Purdue

I’m not sure for what kind of job this kind of resume would work for, but this epic video is really funny. For this video, Eric even used clever editing to make his hair grow faster.

My Creative Video Resume by Patrice Co

A crumpled piece of paper and a pair of hands can make for a fairly effective resume. What’s even better is that this presentation can be made with After Effects and Photoshop.

Video Resume by Lauren Goodman

If you’re someone who prefers a more simple route, how about something with typograghy and icons like Lauren Goodman’s video?

Video Resume: Social Media Specialist by Mary Patterson

I love that video resume. It’s a digital graphic resume which convinces that you need a social media specialist and yes, Mary is the person to call. It’s done in a very informative and engaging manner with some nice music too.

Bonus: Barney Stinson’s video CV

If you’re a fan of the TV show "How I Met Your Mother", you’re probably quite familiar with the character of Barney Stinson. Take a look at just how "awesome" your video can potentially be.

Slack is going to add video chat, voice chat, and screen-sharing

Slack wants to be more than a giant chat room. It announced today that it plans to add video chat, voice chat, and screen-sharing features, all of which will be built with the help of Screenhero, a company that it’s just acquired. The entirely of Screenhero’s six-person team will head to Slack as part of the acquisition, which is being made in a cash and stock deal.

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YouTube drops Flash for HTML5 video as default

The slow death of Adobe Flash has been hastened — YouTube, which used the platform as the standard way to play its videos, has dumped Flash in favor of HTML5 for its default web player. The site will now use HTML5 video as standard in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 8, and in beta versions of Firefox. YouTube engineer Richard Leider said the time had come to ditch the aging Flash in favor of HTML5 as the latter, used in smart TVs and other streaming devices, had benefits that “extend beyond web browsers.”

YouTube has spent years experimenting with HTML5, and engineer John Harding wrote about its benefits in 2010. Harding said that although HTML5 let YouTube bring videos to devices that don’t support Flash Player, such as the…

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Cool Hunting Video: A Tour Of New York City’s Rarities: From a hidden luxury bar to the secrets of the hidden magic library, we explore some of NYC’s most unique locations

Cool Hunting Video: A Tour Of New York City's Rarities

When thinking about our video series inspired by The Macallan Rare Cask, we started speaking about some other rare treasures that we love, many of them in our hometown of NYC. For our final video in the series we visited a number of special spots……

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50 classic video game cover art redesigns

Read more about 50 classic video game cover art redesigns at

Video games often serve as the perfect inspiration for an illustration, and it often seems like every designer has at least one reinterpretation of a video game cover in their portfolio, but this project wins the prize for sheer volume.

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