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New Sonos identity makes audio visual

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The pulsating sunburst effect is a clever graphical trick; try scrolling it!

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Is There a Sense of Visual Balance in Your Web Design?

Balance is all about harmony. So, when you see something that looks nice with a sense of consistency and similarity, most likely you observe a perfectly balanced composition. It can be an object in…

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Electrolux unveils brand new visual identity

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NEW LOGO: The new font was created specially for the Electrolux logo

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Creative visual identity for Perspektive


A very typographic and clever identity for art fund Perspektive.



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Material Design Free Icons. New Forms of Visual Expression

Keep apace with new “material” web. Up-grade your projects with material design free icons.

Twibfy Image Marketplace: An aesthetically driven platform for finding, organizing, buying and selling quality visual content online

Twibfy Image Marketplace

As it stands, when searching for stock photos, publications and the general public have few options for quality, legal images worth publishing. And, as a photographer or artist, there are even fewer ways to combat having your work plagiarized or……

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4 key ways to create visual hierarchy

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In this article, Chris Bank of UXPin – the wireframing & prototyping app – explains four key ways to create visual hierarchies in web UI design. For analysis of UI examples from over 33 companies, check out the free ebook Web UI Best Practices.

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Communicating a Message Through Visual Hierarchy

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Communicating your message through visual hierarchy

The goal of every design is to successfully communicate a message. Visual hierarchy enables you to organize information and elements so that the message can be communicated easily. Hierarchies also enable the design to tell a story to communicate the message. What is Visual Hierarchy? When you organize information based on importance, that’s hierarchy. Visual […]

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BeatWoven Translates Music into Textiles: The London-based studio analyzes music through a custom software program to produces visual patterns

BeatWoven Translates Music into Textiles

By the time he passed away in 1943, Russian pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff had left a legacy: one that penetrated beyond the realm of classical music, and infiltrated the lives of the audience and the works of other artists. Featured in Ayn…

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Interview: Typomaniac Erik Spiekermann: We speak with famed German typographer, designer and entrepreneur about his comprehensive visual biography “Hello I am Erik”

Interview: Typomaniac Erik Spiekermann

Few individuals within the design community deserve as much acclaim as Erik Spiekermann—and even fewer typographers at that. Throughout his storied 30-year career, the prolific German typographer, designer and entrepreneur…

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