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Timehop realizes you might not want to see photos of your ex on Valentine’s Day

Break-ups are rough, but on days like today (it’s Valentine’s Day, if you managed to forget), being alone can be especially difficult. That’s why Timehop’s Valentine’s Day warning screen is the best example we’ve seen recently of a company recognizing that humans are really just extraordinarily delicate balls of surging emotions.

If you log in to the time capsule app today, you’ll see a cheery-looking warning screen:

The graphic for #Valentimehop reminds you that if you go hunting for memories of Valentines past, you’re in for a heavy dose of “exes and feels.” If you’re feeling emotionally solid, you can continue on, or you can heed the warning and walk away. Given Facebook’s recent Year in Review debacle, in which users were…

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Facebook’s new ads want us to believe it’s the only thing connecting us to the world

Facebook has long been touting its power to connect old friends and long-lost acquaintances, but its new ad campaign takes that one step further. The company’s recently released ad series reminds us that Facebook is worldwide, and as such, it can connect people around the world.

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Are You Burning out? Read and Make Some Notes – We Want You to Be Healthy!

This article gives the definition of burnout syndrome, its symptoms and ways to cope with and avoid it.

Free Pattern Generators: Here’s 8 Tools You Want To Bookmark

Patterns are widely used in web design as a background. Basically, patterns can be defined as graphics used in repeated form on a field. If you find yourself facing difficulties in creating natural patterns, that’s cause it is quite complicated to create a loop that works both vertically and horizontally, well, at least it’s difficult to do manually.

Fortunately there are many tools that you can use to make beautiful pattern easily and we are listing 8 of these that can be found online. Plus, they are free for use. Some of these pattern generators let you have control of colors, orientation, pattern elements and more, while others will randomly generate patterns for you. These patterns can then be downloaded in various image formats, or in code.

1. Patternify

Patternify lets you create patterns by drawing them pixel by pixel and is a good tool to create really small-sized icons. With the support of color and transparency options, you can make some cool graphics with this tool. In addition to the PNG format, this tool can also generate the image in Base64 format so that you can use it in your CSS.

2. Gerstnerizer

Gerstnerizer may give you colorless patterns but it makes up for it with patterns generated in lines. At the site, set the line thickness, opacity and the curvature of the line on the tool panel found on the left. Then you can choose from 3 pattern shapes: triangles, squares and hexagons. On the tile canvas underneath the pattern shape selection, draw lines and you will see a pattern emerge on the large canvas on the right. The pattern can be saved in SVG.

3. Tartanmaker

If you like criss-cross horizontal and vertical patterns, then Tartanmaker is the tool for you. Select 3 colors, the orientation, yarn size then click the ‘Make It’ button, and you will get a tartan pattern created for you. You can also scour the gallery for patterns made by other users and download it for free.

4. Stripe Generator

A simple tool to create great stripe patterns, you can add as many colors as you want to Stripe Generator then adjust the stripe size, spacing, background style, orientation and if you want to, add shadows. You can also browse generated stripe patterns by other users if you prefer to just look for a ready-made one.

5. Colour Lovers Seamless

Colour Lovers allows you to make patterns from predefined shapes and lines. Pick a line or drag a shape from the left panel and drop them onto the canvas area to start drawing your patterns. The tool will generate the tiles automatically. It comes with simple editing tools used to help you rotate, resize and rearange shapes on the canvas.

6. Patternizer

Patternizer is another pattern generator tool that makes it easy for you to get your own pattern. Pick a color, rotation angle, opacity, width, gap and offset to get your pattern. You can then grab the code for use on your site. Note that you will need to include a tiny script provided by Patternizer before you can use the pattern. Read the full tutorial here.

7. GeoPattern

GeoPattern provides a unique and random way to generate patterns automatically. You are only required to enter a text (any text) and the tool will generate a unique and beautiful pattern. Every character you type will produce a different image pattern based of the 16 awesome pattern types, like octogons, overlapping circles, plus signs, sine waves, hexagons, and more. Just try the demo to see how cool this tool is.

8. PlaidMaker

PlaidMaker is a tool to create a beautiful plaid pattern. Pick a color to use on the palette, then make the horizontal patterns and vertical patterns separately. You can also use mirror images on both orientations. If you don’t want to work from scratch, click ‘Browse Plaids’ to see ready-made designs and you can download it in PNG format for various mobile sizes and for Facebook cover sizes.

40 books every graphic designer will want for Christmas

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Looking for present ideas for the designer in your life? Something good to read is always a great solution to your gift-giving dilemma – and the design world is filled with them.

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6 web design trends you may want to forget

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Click the image to see the full size infographic

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50 Killer Yet Free Web Resources You May Want To Get Today

Finding the freebies always is a pleasure for the web designers not only because they are able to find useful resources for free of cost but also because such resources are very helpful in their projects. This is the reason why majority of the web designers spend loads of time in finding useful goodies and freebies. These are the resources that were released recently and you can use them in your future project.

And it is once again our pleasure to share with you what we have gathered from all over the web so to help you with your masterpieces. Click through and feel free to download.

Free GUI Kits

Coloristic: Free PSD Sample

Modern Flat PSD Ui Kit

Social UI App PSD – Design Doctors

iOS 7 UI

Wilderness UI Kit

Free Nexus 5 Wireframing template

Yosemite Vector GUI

Mountain Flat UI kit

Free Flat UI Kit

Edge UI Kit

Free iPhone Templates

iPhone 6 Plus

Minimal iPhone Templates

Mobile UI Blueprint 1.2

Flat Style iPhone

iPhone 6 PSD Mockups

iPhone 6 Plus

Free Icon Sets

Sporties Icon Set

100 Simple Outline Icons

Apple Watch Mockup PSD

Ladies icons PSD

112 Outline PSD Icons

Additional 40 ui / ux new icons set

Map Glyphs


Jellycons IOS APP Icon

Flag Set for Sketch

Free Web Templates & Themes

Chiquito. Templates

Creative Agency Web Design free PSD

Carbon One Page

Hotheme – Hotel WordPress Theme

Bella Email Template

Kasper – One Page Creative PSD Template

Free WordPress Themes


SKT Parallax Me






Free Fonts

Yaquote Script



Authentic Hilton

Good Karma

Fine Blackboard

Free Stationery Mockup Templates

Mockup Stationary

GemGfx Corporate Identity Mockup Part 5

Ipad, iphone5s, business card, book

Branding / Stationery Mock-Up

Branding / Identity MockUp Vol.9

Stationery MockUp – Wood Edition

5 things design clients really want (but probably won’t tell you)

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You can maximise the word-of-mouth publicity that money can’t buy if you keep your existing design clients happy. But how exactly? The thing is this: clients typically won’t tell you what they want. At least not out loud. They might hint at it or suggest it. But it’s often up to you to read their minds. For example, clients want…

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Cable companies want to stop the best internet in America from growing

A group representing giants in the cable industry is trying to shut down two municipalities’ proposals to expand their public broadband networks, arguing that public broadband has a “mixed record” and can be harmful to taxpayers, despite these two networks already being successful where they’re already operational. Laws in 20 states prevent municipalities from from creating their own broadband networks — much to the pleasure of private cable companies, which have shown an impressive dedication to avoiding any competition and any suggestion that their service is merely a utility. Municipalities have on occasion created their own public networks to make up for shortcomings from local internet providers, and it’s easy to see why private…

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What do employers really want?

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There comes a point in a creative career when pure design skill alone is no longer the sole reason for success. Like all professions, the coal-face work is more often done by juniors on entry-level wages. For middle and senior-weight creatives, earning a bigger crust involves more experience and skill. “The main skills that will send you to a higher salary range are the ability to lead teams, and the ability to communicate and sell creative concepts to clients,” says Mitch Paone, the founder and chief creative officer at New York agency DIA.

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