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Cafe Racer-Inspired Seals Watches: An affordable watch line debut designed with motorbikes and more in mind

Cafe Racer-Inspired Seals Watches

With its inspiration from battles tanks of the 1940s and cafe racer motorcycles, Seals Watch Company’s Model A is a great example of what a micro watch brand can do when blended with a genuine passion for detail. Based in the foothills of the Sierra……

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Cheapo Watches: Inexpensive time pieces with playful, fun designs from Sweden

Cheapo Watches

With 2015 in full swing, many around the globe are already finding their New Year’s resolutions easier said than done. For those looking to be more punctual, and more sensible with their spending this time around, Sweden’s Cheapo watches offers countless……

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Uniform Wares’ New Swiss-Made Watches: The clean, sophisticated, British-designed brand gets an interior upgrade

Uniform Wares' New Swiss-Made Watches

After much acclaim for their minimalist, refined aesthetic—with innovative flourishes—the London design team behind Uniform Wares watches has upgraded their timepieces to all Swiss-made components. Since launching the brand five…

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Cool Hunting Video: Q&Q SmileSolar Watches on CH Edition Zambia 2014: Our most exclusive collaboration yet: a limited edition solar-powered timepiece for students in Mfuwe

Cool Hunting Video: Q&Q SmileSolar Watches on CH Edition Zambia 2014

When we first saw the colorful SmileSolar watches from Japanese brand Q&Q we felt they were the perfect partner to work with on our ,…

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Android Wear updates will bring custom faces and offline music playback to all watches

Google is planning a pair of Android Wear updates between now and the end of the year that will enable watch owners to start using custom faces, to track how far and fast they run, and to listen to music even when they don’t have a data connection. Every Android Wear watch that has already been introduced is supposed to get the updates once they’re available, which means users won’t be left waiting for months for new features like they often do on Android phones.

The first update will include support for GPS (as well as distance and speed tracking), Bluetooth headphones, and offline music playback. That’s all nice and functional and means that the second update may be the more exciting one, as it’ll bring support for downloadable watch…

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Miansai Swiss Movement Men’s Watches: The Miami-based accessories brand launches a timepiece line featuring Ronda movements

Miansai Swiss Movement Men's Watches

In addition to furthering their beautiful core watch designs, today, Miami-based accessories brand Miansai has upgraded their insides with a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement. This latest line, the M12 Swiss,…

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Leonard & Church Watches: A new timepiece company offering sleek designs and affordable luxury

Leonard & Church Watches

When Jeff Leung graduated college, he began the arduous odyssey of job searching and, even though smartphones display the time, Leung felt wearing a watch was a necessary part of appearing professional. He also decided that…

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10 of the most unusual and creative watches

26. Game Boy Watch

In this technological world where people are more attracted and interested towards smartphones, and tablets, importance of watches seems less. But when it comes to the genuine attraction for the bold impression, watches are still heroes. Your clothing sense is the initial perception that makes your image and a piece of watch on your wrist adds some extra effort to make you look more professional.

Here are list of 10 of the most unusual and creative watches that will stand out your personality and you’ll definitely want these bad boys’ watches on your wrists.

1. Take Time Watch by Mathieu Lehanneur

This is a typical timepiece by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur that is available in six different colors.

35. Take Time Watch by Mathieu Lehanneur

2. Game Boy Watch

Revive your old school times by adding this Game Boy Watch in your fashion accessories.

26. Game Boy Watch

3. Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited Watch

Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited Watch is easy to read at a glance. It has mirrored LCD display which shows the time in hours and minutes. One push of the lower button changes the display to date mode which shows month and date.

20. Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited Watch

4, Dual Linear Wrist Watch by Division Furtive

Help bring to life secret-agent worthy wrist watches where traditional rotating hands are replaced by horizontally moving cursors with Dual Linear Wrist Watch by Division Furtive.

18. Dual Linear Wrist Watch by Division Furtive

5. Past Present Future Watch

This Watch reminds you that “there’s no time like the present.” You only see the present time: what’s past is past. The future doesn’t exist yet. The time is now.

15. Past Present Future Watch

6. PAC-MAN Watch by Romain Jerome

PAC-MAN has probably been the subject of less expensive watches, but this is the first time the popular yellow glutton is featured on a luxury product.

10. PAC-MAN Watch by Romain Jerome

7. Watch Cufflinks

Add a touch of nostalgia to your wrists with these outstanding cufflinks.

9. Watch Cufflinks

8. Kei Kei Watch by Ori Takemura

This watch has a mini USB on the bottom to charge and perform firmware updates, Bluetooth to sync with the mobile phone and a touch sensitive surface on the face with a grid of tiny LEDs.

6. Kei Kei Watch by Ori Takemura

9. LED 720p Mini Video Watch by Thanko

This watch with its LED neo-futuristic design contains features that allow users to film movies at a staggering 720p resolution, can shoot photos and record sound.

3. LED 720p Mini Video Watch by Thanko

10. MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

This fashionable watch consists of two dials that stays side-by-side.  One displays the hours and minutes and the other displays the engine’s power reserve.  Both dials are displayed at the end of a turbine like pod, opposite individual crowns which means one crown is for setting the time, the other is for winding the engine.


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20 Stylish Water-Resistant Watches For Summer

While the tech world is freaking out about smartwatches (2014 seems to be the year for smartwatches), a lot of not-so-smart watches are getting an upgrade in design and style. If you are looking for a watch to do just what watches do best, while still being able to rough out the summertime splashes, this post is definitely for you. Here are 20 crazy-cool stylish waterproof watches to get you ready for summer.

Most watches on the market these days are focused on functionality as well as the form. Although not all of them are completely waterproof (there is a difference between that and water-resistant) but they can survive a few friendly splashes and some of them are perfect for an evening out in town too. From classy to vibrant, elegant to just freakin’ creative, you’ll find stylish watches here for anyone’s taste.

O Clock Watches. O Clock watches are just about to hit the market with a series of vibrant silicon watches. Available in 4 sizes, 33 colors with over 60 differents faces to mix and match, these highly durable waterproof watches are perfect solution for summer! Each watch comes in a sealed pop top can.

[Get it here – Prices vary]

Past-present-future 40mm. These 40 mm past-present-future watch wants you to live in the present, literally. You see only the present time since the past is in the past, and the future doesn’t exist yet. The watch is available with either leather, silicone or stainless steel mesh band.

[Get it here – $ 125]

Hurricane Niben Watch. This classic and stylish watch would fit both a crazy Friday party or an official meeting on a slow Tuesday. It’s water resistant to up to 50 m.

[Get it here – $ 215]

Michelangelo Watch. The unisex michelangelo watch is made of brushed stainless steel and has two “crowns” or buttons. The button at the 2:00 position is the “light up” button. When pressed, the watch lights up for a clearer view of the time. It’s water resistant to up to 100 ft.

[Get it here – $ 100]

Braun BN0035 Watch. This watch is available in two classic colors: black and white and comes with a leather strap. It has a 30m-depth water resistance and the surface is made of scratch-resistant mineral glass. Also, its two-year warranty is a great advantage to have.

[Get it here – $ 300]

Time Traveller Watch. The Time Traveller watch allows you to see the time all around the globe, although you might need some time to get used to its specially designed hands. The Eiffel Tower hands gives you the time in paris, and Big Ben tells you what time it is now in London.

[Get it here – $ 205]

Bulbul Watches. Pebble is the first watch from Danish watch brand Bulbul. The design was inspired by the smooth contours of the pebbles found on Scandinavian beaches. It has a ten-year battery life and a double-sided Italian leather strap.

[Get it here – $ 450]

Take Time Watch. Take Time watch comes with a 3-in-1 concept: jeans’ loop (fob watch), handbag, or wrist. The watch is available in various vibrant colors. It’s 3 ATM water-resistant.

[Get it here – $ 60]

Mykonos Visus Watch. Okay, this analog watch is going to change the way you look at the time. Instead of moving hours, this one has a moving face. The single red hand remains at the 3 o-clock mark while the hours, minutes and seconds sweep past in 3 concentric circles.

[Get it here – $ 70]

Reveal Watch. This timekeeper reveals the current time through a looking glass the past and the future are faded out. If you are a person who likes to live in the present, this watch is made specifically for you. The rest of the design is kept simple.

[Get it here – $ 130]

Nate Chronograph Silicone Watch . Since its establishment in 1984, Fossil has created watches for men and women that withstand the test of time. This military-inspired Nate has a laid-back yet rugged feel with its oversized dial and sporty silicone strap to fit both humid weather and sports.

[Get it here – $ 115]

COOKOO Smart Watch. This smart watch would not let you to miss your call and will tell you what’s happening on your phone in real time, even if you can’t reach it at the moment. Manage time, social networks, and email box with this user-friendly cool watch.

[Get it here – $ 130]

Classic Cambridge. If you’re a fan of classy elegant accessories, this Classic Cambridge watch is made for you. It’s 3ATM water-resistant. Available in a tri-color strap of blue, red, and white with an eggshell white face and golden frame makes this perfect for the office and for the outdoors.

[Get it here – $ 195]

Classy York Watch. This Classy York watch was inspired by exclusive late night summer parties — bright lights, heat and excitement. Swarovski stones take the place of numbers and the leather strap makes it look great even on small wrists.

[Get it here – $ 149]

Time Teller P Plastiform Watch. It’s not for those who are looking to blend in, this watch takes its inspiration from the Pop Art movement and comes in bright, bold colors. Available in four colors, it boasts custom three-hand Japanese quartz movement and a molded polycarbonate case with mineral crystal.

[Get it here – $ 90]

Braun BN0036 Digital Watch. For most Americans, Braun is known primarily as a company that makes shavers and coffee makers. As it turns out, Braun also produces watches, and this particular design has a water resistance of 50m.

[Get it here – $ 310]

Hygge 3012 Series Watch. This watch uses two rotating disks instead of traditional hands to show time. The bottom larger disk indicates the hours and the smaller top disk marks the minutes. The disks are in different colors to better distinguish the hours and minutes.

[Get it here – Price not listed]

1642A Breda Watch. Breda is a fashion lifestyle watch brand defined by an all-American style with an electric twist. The Breda watch is trendy and elegant. The watch fit both men and women. It’s water-resistant.

[Get it here – $ 45]

Jolli Time Watch. Each Jolli Time watch consists of 4 pieces. This combination is made up of a lime-green silicone strap, pink case, purple ring and the water-resistant watch itself.

[Get it here – $ 74]

HyperGrand Raven Maverick Flipside Watch. The watch has industrial design and unisex style. Hypergrand watches are the piece to complete your outfit. You can also swap the band in an instant for a completely new look! It has 3ATM water resistance.

[Get it here – $ 129]

CT Scuderia’s City Racer Chronographs: A vibrant line of automatic watches inspired by café racers

CT Scuderia's City Racer Chronographs

Third generation watchmaker Enrico Margaritelli, founder and CEO of Contatempo Scuderia—better known as CT Scuderia—embodies the fundamental element that make his watches distinct: modern, yet rooted in history. Margaritelli launched the brand in 2012, after spending…

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