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New music recommendations: The Dead Weather, Restorations, and, yes, Taylor Swift

Every week, a veritable flood of new music is released to the world, and with it the tyranny of choice rears its ugly head. There’s only so many hours in the day, so where do you focus your listening energies? That’s where our Verge New Music Recommendations come in: it’s our entirely subjective, non-comprehensive attempt to throw the favorite new songs and albums we’ve stumbled upon this week your way. Of course, we’re barely skimming the surface here — feel free to throw an auditory discoveries you’ve made this week in the comments, and get busy listening.

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Bike Gear for Rainy Days: Three products to help riders stay cycling—even when the weather turns

Bike Gear for Rainy Days

The old Swedish saying goes that there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes—but the dampness and chill of a Pacific Northwestern autumn can make many a devoted cyclist hang their bike up in the garage until spring. That said, a few carefully chosen items can extend your cycling season for…

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Dressing For Rainy Days: Prep for stormy weather with these pieces that will keep you dry (and dashing) from head to toe

Dressing For Rainy Days

It’s no longer deniable: autumn is upon us in the north (and it’s the start of spring for those in the southern hemisphere). Stay warm and dry during these transitional seasons—and prep for those pesky sudden showers—with new pieces from A/W14 collections. They’re so functional, you might not mind so…

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13 Free Weather Widget PSD Files

Here is another interesting and useful collection for the designers who are looking for some high quality and free to download PSD files for weather widgets. In this particular collection, we are sharing with you 13 very beautiful and high quality weather widget PSD files that you can download for free. These PSD files can be used in both your web applications as well as mobile applications.
Showing instant weather conditions have become a norm in recent times and almost every mobile user downloads a weather widgets to keep himself up to date with the weather forecast. Here, we have some high quality and free to download weather widget PSD files for you. Feel free to download and use them in your work. Enjoy!

Weather Widget

SimpL Weather Widget

Weather Icons

US City Widget

Weather Widget Freebie

Weather Widget

Widgets Set


Weather Widget

Weather Pop-up

Weather Widget

Ui Kit

Free Weather App

The Weather Diaries: Interpreting Fashion from the West Nordic Islands: Exploring influences on the region’s creativity, as seen through the eyes of photography duo Cooper & Gorfer

The Weather Diaries: Interpreting Fashion from the West Nordic Islands

Following Reykjavik and Seattle, the German city of Frankfurt is the host of this year’s Third Nordic Fashion Biennale (NFB), a traveling event that highlights the unique work of young creatives from Iceland, Greenland and the…

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Design Inspiration: Vector Weather Widget

A vector-based interface element for showing the latest weather. Icons for overcast, sunny, stormy, and cloudy, and details that show the weather both today and for the next three days.

This design was featured on Thursday 15th of May 2014. It’s designed by Ali Asghar, and falls under the category of Element.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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Build your own weather app with Sencha Touch

Read more about Build your own weather app with Sencha Touch at

If you’re interested in learning how to make an app, the Sencha Touch framework makes it easy to build awesome multiplatform, touch-enabled applications. We’ll use it to build ‘Do I need my Umbrella?’ – an app using weather information from to determine if you need said umbrella.

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Freebie: The Outlined Weather Icons Collection

This free weather icon set set has been created by Portuguese designer Gustavo Cramez. Each glyph has been designed with a modern ‘outline’ style and includes icons for every possible atmospheric condition. So if you are building a mobile weather app or if you are looking for some icons for your meteorological-related web site, then these outlined weather icons would be perfect for you.

The set comes in AI format and can be freely used in your personal and commercial projects.

Here they are:

The Outlined Weather Icons Collection Preview

Outlined Weather Icons Collection Preview
61 beautiful icons that…

Outlined Weather Icons Collection can be easily resized
…can be easily resized…

Outlined Weather Icons Collection fully customisable
…and are fully customisable.

Download & License

You can freely use the Outlined Weather Icons Collection in both your personal and commercial work.

About the Designer

The Outlined Weather Icons Collection have been designed by Portuguese designer Gustavo Cramez. You can view his work on Behance.

Do you have a freebie thet you would like to share with our readers? If you do, get in touch with us here:

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Skydrop Sprinkler Controller: The eco-friendly, intelligent system integrates real-time weather data to save time, money and water

Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

Last week, the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was filled with tech companies showing off their latest and greatest. While many booths featured updates to previously existing products, we stopped by one start-up that…

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Four Light Packable Down Jackets: Cold weather options that don’t sacrifice warmth for weight and portability

Four Light Packable Down Jackets

Big, bulky down jackets are reassuringly hefty in the harshest winter weather. But they all have one critical design flaw: It’s less less likely that you would bring such a jacket along on a camping or climbing expedition if it doesn’t fit in your backpack—and the warmest jacket in the…

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