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Welcome the Newborns: OpenCart 2.0.1 Themes

Probably it’s time for you to get a redesign, so take a look at some brand-new OpenCart 2.0 templates.

Welcome to Our Typography Cafe – Get These Free Chalkboard Fonts!

The blog post contains 35 stunning free chalkboard fonts to fill your web design library.

Informing the Future: Welcome to the redesigned Cool Hunting

Informing the Future

Since starting Cool Hunting in February 2003, I have derived as much joy from designing the container as creating the contents. With each of our five previous redesigns, we have strived to push innovations in web design while simultaneously elevating……

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Cool Hunting

Welcome to CNN correspondent ‘Mortal Kombat’

There were no special holograms for this year’s CNN midterm election coverage — iPads and Surfaces, yes, but nothing too crazy. Except, of course, for the wall of correspondents reporting from various campaign headquarters and key cities:

If you grew up in the 90s, this should look familiar. Here, let’s help you out:

We know what you’re thinking: CNN would never unlock all those correspondents out of the box! So let us help you with this handy guide.

First, your starting…

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Welcome to the new of Omnisense

This week I came across a website that offered one of the most immersive interactive experiences I have witnessed online this far. The Omnisense website markets an imaginary product called O+ and will guide you through the calibration process and initial test of the product. It makes use of your smartphone as a second screen and controller to guide you through a slightly gruesome scenario in the not to distant future.

I thought it might be a hoax site for a big budget movie but it turned out to be a final year student project. Intrigued I spoke to Florian Morel about Omnisense to find out more…

Hi Florian, would you mind telling us a little more about the Omnisense project?

Sure, Omnisense emerged from a general theme; The perception of our world and the enhancement of our senses.

We use our senses to gather informations from our world, but little by little we contribute to the birth of a new world. A digital world, containing information about everything: locations (like google maps), what you like (pinterest), who your friends are (facebook), where you work (linkedin), what you know (wikipedia), what you don’t know (wikileaks). It is becoming more and more a duplicate of our world. This digital environment grows more and more each day but we’re not equipped to interact with it.

However we use some devices such as smartphones which become kind of a body extension, allowing us to access this digital world.

What if you could access these data without the need for such a device ? What if we could get a new sense suited for this digital world? With this background in mind, how would all this personal data affect our life and our judgement?

In the end, it’s all about current problems (personal data on the web) and how to talk about a serious topic in a engaging and immersive way.

Some references that inspired us were: Google Glass, Trask and Weyland Industries, Black Mirror, The Wolf Among Us, transhumanism & body hacking (“L’Humanité augmentée” – Augmented humanity, by Eric Sadin, and “L’être et l’écran” – The being and the screen, by Stéphane Vial).

Who is behind the Omnisense project?

We are a team of 3 students: Louis Ansa (design, art direction), Florian Morel (design, developement) and Corentin Bac (design, developement). We study together at Gobelins, l’École de l’Image based in Paris, France. This school puts together developers and art directors to enable them to create creative and interactive projects.

How did you work together on this project and which challenges did you face?

Omnisense is our diploma project. We worked throughout the whole year (september to june) on it, step by step. We spent 6 months on the concept/design to make it a great and fun user experience. Then we produced the current prototype in 4 months.

The challenges included working with the same person for a whole year, but also working in fields we had no experience in (like sound design or level design). We gave a lot of thought to the user experience and even organised some user tests in a laboratory specialised in user experience. We had a lot of crazy ideas that we wanted to include, but had to discard a lot of them to be able to produce something good in such a short time period.

Another challenge was to communicate about our project via a fictional enterprise and make people believe the O+ product was real. A lot of people knew it was a stunt, but some people really bought it! That gave us a good laugh.

What do you hope to gain from the project?

This project aimed to make people aware of the different risks of putting their personal data on the web. We didn’t want to do some boring serious game so we came up with this. Our scenario included a look into the near future to make people understand that all these changes can happen very fast.

For us, it was a way to showcase our final year project, show what we are capable of and see how people would react. It was heartwarming to see all the amazing feedbacks we received from all over the world.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Florian! Definitely three students to keep an eye on.

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Welcome to the Lego World! Play and Develop Your Creativity at the Same Time

The blog post is a showcase of Lego-style website designs. Apart from the cute websites collection you will get to know more about Lego history and fun facts on this mega popular construction set suitable both for adults and kids imagination development.

Welcome to the new and improved Design Work Life!


Surprise! The new DWL is here! Over the last few years we’ve had a few (too many for my liking!) stops and starts so I’ve been a bit tight-lipped about the fact that this time we were closer than ever. But I hope this is a good surprise, and you are just as excited as I am for the new design, functionality and content we have in store for you. There’s lots of new things to explore, so here’s an overview of what we’ve done:

Design and Functionality

Layout and Design

The design of the site has been updated so that both DWL and Seamless Creative are more closely integrated. (We relaunched Seamless today too—check it out!) Everything is bigger, so the content is more clear and easy to read. We’ve also implemented web typography, simplified the sidebar and truncated posts so that the focus is more on the visual—overall quite a big improvement, if I don’t say so myself.

Larger Images

We’ve increased the max image size by almost 200 pixels, so those of you viewing in larger browser sizes will get a much better look at all the details of the work we post. Unfortunately for us that means we also need to do a lot of updating on older posts to ensure the images are loaded properly and have appropriate thumbnails attached. With almost 5,000 posts published thus far, this process will certainly take us a little while, so bear with us while we get everything buttoned up.


The site is now 100% responsive. I know plenty of you keep up with DWL on your iPads and phones, so you should now have a much more pleasant viewing/reading experience.

Better Searching

We’ve expanded the search functionality so that you can more easily find the content you’re looking for. Over in the sidebar you’ll see a little widget we’ve developed that allows you to search by key word (coming soon), categories, tags (in case you want to find a particular design discipline) or featured post types.

No More Comments

In this version of the site we’ve stripped comment functionality out completely (aside from those on posts in the archives). Other than giveaway posts, we weren’t getting a whole lot of comments to begin with, and spam continues to be a problem. So rather than keep this part of the site going for convention’s sake, we’ve decided to move any relevant discussion over to social media. Future giveaways will work that way as well.


New Contributors

The biggest change to the content that you will see over the coming weeks is the addition of new contributors to our daily posts. I’ll be introducing four weekly columns created by three individual writers and one two-person team that cover all different areas of design. Starting later today I’ll introduce you to each one individually—I know you’re going to be just as excited about them as I am.

New Schedule

We’re going back to a more regimented posting schedule to accommodate both content from me as well as the new contributors. This week posting will continue as usual (in addition to my contributor introductions) and then I’ll post the new line-up on Friday so you can know what to expect next week.


Submissions now have their own dedicated page. So rather than sending your work over to us via email as we’ve done previously, you’ll simply fill out the quick form located on that page. This will help us stay more organized and ensure that we don’t miss any of the work you send our way.

Expanded Nav

The site now provides you with quick links to more information about DWL, our history and our contributors through our Profile page. We also have a dedicated Contact page that will show you how to get in touch with us if need be. And lastly, we’ve set up an Advertising page that provides you with links to purchase ads through BSA, our ad network, as well as outlines all of the other forms of advertising we take on.

Secondary Sidebar

At the bottom of your screen you’ll notice a secondary footer that provides links to our latest Type Love post, our Quick Links on Twitter, plus a module to feature any recent news. And that about covers it! Take some time and check out all of the new improvements when you have a chance, and keep your eyes peeled for the new content we’ll be introducing very soon. Over the coming weeks we’re going to continue work out the kinks and make improvements and updates, so bear with us while we work on making this the best DWL ever.

And that about covers it! Take some time and check out all of the new improvements when you have a chance, and keep your eyes peeled for the new content we’ll be introducing very soon. Over the coming weeks we’re going to continue work out the kinks and make improvements and updates, so bear with us as we make this the best DWL ever.

Design Work Life

Welcome to a weird world where TV shows are places

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Welcome to the Gollum factory: behind the scenes of Imaginarium Studios

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The World Of Batteries As We Know Them Is Gone. Welcome Innovation!

Batteries… …those small objects we don’t pay much attention to until they’re gone and need to be replaced or recharged. Usually, that happens when we last expect and when we last have the possibility…

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