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We Listened And Improved: A New Look of Is Welcoming You

This is an amazing journey of covering the best free resources available on internet from completing the day-to-day routine life’s task to professional excellence since 2007. In this span, we have received lots of appreciation, love, suggestions, questions, feedback etc. We always prefer our readers and listen them. So, today we are announcing the new and improved look of We are launching new design in beta version to make this period more engaging to get feedback from the community. You would feel these prominent changes.


  • A breath of fresh air

    This redesign focused on whole new look with classic user interface and eye-catching exposure of wide range of diversified content available on the website.  It is kept in the mind to possibly provide the feeling to readers to get more engaging and helpful while searching the relevant content.

  • Responsive interface with faster load times

    It’s better late than never. Yes! This redesign’s prominent features are responsive layout and faster than ever load time. We can confidently invite you to notice the (really) enhanced version of on all screen sizes. Thanks to VPS.Net for hosting our website on blazing speed VPS and MaxCDN to empower us with their super fast content delivery network.

  • Built on free model of wordpress theme

    As our main aim is to promote the free model of products/services at, so why don’t we start it from ourselves. By developing on child theme of one of the free yet fully featured wordpress theme, we could highly show our intention to promote the community driven products/services instead of paid. After all, WordPress is one of the example that we are all using with proud.

We do not want to overload you with tons of features here and would like you to start browsing us with new look and feel the difference. We are always open for feedback or suggestions for the betterment of and by the time during “beta” version you would also observing more changed and updated.

Once again, thank you and keep visiting

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Welcoming 2013: 60 Unique Calendar Designs

Getting sick of those typical kitten calendars you get from your friends or relatives for Christmas? Hoping to start the new year with something extraordinary or exceptional? Well, we deserve stunning calendars for surviving doomsday.

For a start, we can all begin by getting an exceptional calendar for our desk or wall. These calendars featurered below are in a variety of concepts, and even some of the material they are printed on is quite out of the ordinary. One can only imagine how a beautifully crafted calendar piece can subtly affect our mood each and every time we glance at it.

Editor’s note: Here’s wishing a wonderful 2013 to all our readers. Happy new year!

The Sun, It Shines, 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Spring Once More)

Planet Calendar 2013 (Image Credit: Szani Meszaros)

Football Calendar 2013 (Image Credit: Kareem Gouda)

Life, Love & Design: 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Dan Duarte)

One Page Typography Calendar (Image Credit: Cucu)

The Brain Calendar 2013 (Image Credit: Ridhwaan Moolla)

2013 Josef Albers Calendar (Image Credit: Josef Albers)

2013 Calendar Project (Image Credit: Anastasiya Art)

Typographic Calendar (Image Credit: Matthew Rinehart)

Calendario 2013 (Image Credit: Eduardo Serratos)

Idiom 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: SeriousWhims)

2013 Whale Calendar (Image Credit: Irene Hastings)

Origami 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Kerr Hsing)

2013 Wall Calendar (Image Credit: Kristen Williams)

2013 Unconventional Calendar (Image Credit: Ryan Claybaugh)

Fluid Animals 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Ben The Illustrator)

2013 Jumping Point Calendar (Image Credit: Michael Domberger)

Vertical Calendar 2013 (Image Credit: MAKE Collaboration)

Suck It 2012! (Image Credit: Thalassinos Anastasiou)

Music Artists 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Minth Maytas)

Moon Calendar (Image Credit: Rendij Studio)

Black & White Architectures Calendar (Image Credit: Tatiana Zhu)

Be You – 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Lisa Tran)

Mo that Stache – Moustache Calendar (Image Credit: Lisa Tran)

2013 Letterpress Calendar (Image Credit: Katharine Watson)

Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar)

Rob Ryan Calendar 2013 (Image Credit: Rob Ryan)

Stitch The Star Calendar (Glow-in-the-Dark) (Image Credit: Heather Lins)

2013 Quilt Calendar (Image Credit: Linda & Harriett)

Circle Retro Typography Calendar (Image Credit: Penny Candy)

Retro Typography Ornaments Calendar (Image Credit: Penny Candy)

Calendar Wall Art 2013 (Image Credit: Bookhou Shop)

2013 Circular Lunar Calendar (Image Credit: Caitlin Keegan)

2013 Letterpress & Silkscreen Calendar (Image Credit: Ilee)

Little "Mini" Calendar (Image Credit: Cat Seto)

2013 365 Fonts Page-a-Day Calendar (Image Credit: The Museum of Modern Art Store)

Modern 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Eve Sand)

Wood Stump Calendar (Image Credit: Onecanoetwo)

Violet May – Mini Calendar 2013 (Image Credit: Cassia Beck)

Minimalist Calendar 2013 (Image Credit: Stina Nordquist)

Maple Veneer Wall Calendar (Image Credit: Melanie Linder)

2013 Desktop Calendar (Image Credit: Michelle Brusegaard)

Make Each Day Count – Mini Modern Motivational Calendar (Image Credit: Monkey Mind Design)

Be Colorful – Modern Mini Calendar (Image Credit: Monkey Mind Design)

Smile With the Rising Sun – Mini 2013 Handmade Calendar (Image Credit: Monkey Mind Design)

Modern Patterns – Mini 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Monkey Mind Design)

Think Positive – 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Monkey Mind Design)

Snug Calendar 2013 (Image Credit: Snug Studio)

2013 12–Month Calendar (Image Credit: Leah Duncan)

2013 Wall Calendar – A Year With Minasmoke (Image Credit: The Art of Minasmoke)

2013 Season Wall Calendar (Image Credit: Katie Vernon)

2013 Calendar of Silly Holidays (Image Credit: Dirty Bandits)

Retro Fake Ads 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Serious Whims)

Calendar 2013 Typography Art Poster (Image Credit: Patricia Pino)

2013 Calendar Poster Print Retro Vintage (Image Credit: Yumalum)

Cute Star Wars 2013 Calendar (Image Credit: Loopz)

Keep Calm & Carry On Calendar (Image Credit: BluGrass)

2013 Weathervane Desk Calendar (Image Credit: Emily Gallardo)

2013 Mountain Calendar (Silver Dew) (Image Credit: Pam Lostracco)

2013 Desk Calendar With Vintage Artwork (Image Credit: Inkadinkadoodle )