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What’s the hardest thing about your job?

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It may well be your dream job, but being a designer isn’t always a bed of roses. Like any career it has its downside, whether it’s coping with nightmare clients, trying to manage your time effectively, dealing with self-doubt or the inevitable chore of taking care of the business side of things.

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This is what’s happening inside your camera at 10,000 frames per second

The “D” in DSLR does not stand for dark magic. In fact, that snap of the shutter you hear when taking a picture is a wonderful symphony of mechanical engineering at work, and happens so fast that you can’t really enjoy it all with the naked eye. Luckily, the Slow Mo Guys have painstakingly chronicled what’s happening with the mechanical shutter of a Canon 7D using a very fast (and expensive) Phantom Flex camera, recording various shutter speeds at a mind-boggling 10,000 frames per second.

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What’s your designer star sign?

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Designers born under Aries are fearless. They aren’t afraid to tell the client what they really think. Their passion lies in branding – they want to put their mark on everything. And if the chance arises, they’ll make a logo design 10 times bigger just so they can admire it from afar.

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Is Corel Painter 2015 ‘changing what’s possible in art’?

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While Adobe has embraced software subscriptions to much of its product line, Corel is sticking to the pay-up-front model – £315 (upgrade £159).

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What’s your approach to browser testing?

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If only making products for the web were a simple fire-and-forget business, life would be much easier. Of course, when you think you’ve crafted the list line of code, the story is far from over. You need to start testing and – given the varied browser landscape – exploring how your site works in different environments.

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So, What’s in a Domain Name Extension?

When searching for UK domain names, you may be curious as to what that ‘.com’ at the end of your potential website’s name means. Well, wonder no longer! We’ll be examining different domain name extensions and their meanings so you can pick one that best suits your website’s purposes. First, let’s start by looking at…

Here’s how to watch what’s happening in Ferguson and across the United States tonight

Protests that began in Ferguson, Missouri are sweeping the United States tonight, after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown on August 9th. People in cities spanning both coasts are marching in protest of Brown’s death, shutting down highways, and being confronted by police. And many are providing live accounts of the events in their area. Everyone can watch now.

There are lots of ways to witness what’s happening around the country now beyond cable news. Here’s what you should be paying attention to.

Live blogs

The New York Times and The Washington Post are on top of it.

Live video

Fox 2 in St. Louis has been providing a reliable stream from its news helicopter since last…

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Product Hunt is where Silicon Valley finds out what’s cool

Not long ago, after meeting yet another entrepreneur pushing a messaging application, I used his app to send a note to my colleague Josh. Josh responded immediately with a giant blinking GIF sent over iMessage. “OH MY GOD THAT’S DUMB,” the GIF declared, flashing its judgment one word at a time in a blur of neon colors. “AND NOT AS COOL AS THIS ONE.” The GIF concluded with a selfie of Josh making a beaver face. It’s pretty much my favorite message of 2014, and I asked Josh how he made it. It turned out he’d used an app called UltraText, which he found on a site called Product Hunt.

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What’s your creative personality type?

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What’s your favourite social tech project?

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The Nominet Trust invests in enterprises that use digital technology for social change, and every year compiles a list of the most exciting ones. The nomination process ends on Friday, so this week is your last chance to support your favourite projects. Here are a few of the most interesting webby projects:

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