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Word of Mouth: Koreatown, Los Angeles : Exploring the historic neighborhood’s most recent additions, from stoner food to classic cocktails

Word of Mouth: Koreatown, Los Angeles

With the largest Korean population outside of South Korea, LA’s sprawling Koreatown neighborhood offers an almost overwhelming number of food, beverage and shopping options at every turn. Traditionally home to many Korean families and a large Latino……

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Weekly Inspiration – Hexagone, Word Map, BODA, and more

It’s that time of the week again, a chance for you to sit back and be inspired by some of our favorite web and mobile designs from the past week.

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Word Map →
Word Map

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Brave UX

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Rally Interactive


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The DNA Project

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Word of Mouth: Port Douglas, Australia: Two nearby World Heritage Sites and a watersport-driven coastline make this Aussie town an outdoor adventure launch pad

Word of Mouth: Port Douglas, Australia

by Jocelyn Voo

Often overshadowed by Cairns, a neighboring—somewhat hectic—tourist town, Port Douglas is a reprieve for those desiring the big outdoor adventure of Tropical North Queensland with the kick-back roots of a sleepy fisherman’s town. Not……

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Word of Mouth: Addis Ababa: On the cusp of a renaissance, the Ethiopian capital packs plenty of charm off the beaten path

Word of Mouth: Addis Ababa

by Jenny Miller

Addis Ababa is a capital on the up-and-up. As the gateway to the rest of Ethiopia and its beguiling landscape, Addis is a city of almost constant sunshine and, in recent years, construction dust. Countless hotels, a light rail system……

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Word of Mouth: Hood River, Oregon: A picturesque mecca for sports enthusiasts and gourmands alike

Word of Mouth: Hood River, Oregon

Just an hour outside Portland lies Hood River, both a convenient getaway and an encapsulation of what makes this area of Oregon so great—fantastic beer and coffee, access to the Columbia River and the slopes of Mount Hood, and a vibrant outdoor scene……

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Word of Mouth: Edinburgh : Six must-stop spots in Scotland’s exquisite capital city

Word of Mouth: Edinburgh

A mythical city tucked beneath the gaze of a magnificent castle, Edinburgh draws hordes of annual visitors—be that for its position beside the whisky world, proximity to historic golf courses, or the acclaimed annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Tucked……

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Word of Mouth: Food and Drink, Carnaby: From BBQ to six-course tasting menus, the best of the newly transformed London neighborhood

Word of Mouth: Food and Drink, Carnaby

by Adam Coghlan

London is known as a city of many villages and neighborhoods, each with their own personalities and peculiarities. Once the epicenter of London’s “Swinging ’60s,” until now Carnaby’s spotlight heralded a fairly beige gentrification……

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Link About It: This Week’s Picks: Grannies get high, Intel’s high-tech bangle, Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year and more in our weekly look at the web

Link About It: This Week's Picks

1. Aura’s Wireless Christmas Lights
With just about everything going wireless these days, the team behind Aura thought it was time Christmas tree lights got the same treatment. After becoming fed up with untangling a never-ending mess of lights each……

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Microsoft is bringing chat to its Word and PowerPoint web apps

Collaborating with co-workers using Office Online is about to get a bit easier: Microsoft is bringing chat to the web versions of Word and PowerPoint. Sorry, Excel users: it seems you can’t yet chat while working on spreadsheets, nor does the feature support OneNote. The Skype-powered chat is more or less the same thing Microsoft has already rolled out across and OneDrive. And since Skype’s the backbone, you can always review your conversations using Microsoft’s app at a later time when the document’s closed. Chat should be a nice complement to the real-time editing that Microsoft brought to its Office web apps in 2013. Google offers group chat functionality in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, but its approach differs in that…

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‘Vape’ named word of the year ahead of ‘bae’ and ‘normcore’

Vape is officially Oxford Dictionaries‘ international Word of the Year, beating contenders like bae, slacktivism, indyref, contacless, and normcore. According to the recent announcement, usage of the word has more than doubled since 2013 in tandem with the growing prevalence of vaporizers, which many believe to be a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Oxford Dictionaries‘ editorial director Judy Pearsall attributes the popularity of the term to recent debates about e-cigarettes and their adoption by celebrities like musician Aaron David Ross. Vape joins an illustrious circle, which includes the likes of ‘Selfie’ and GIF.

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