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Inspirational office boasts a century’s worth of creative history

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Made by Many is based in New York. It’s design space is a hive of activity and is overseen by a design dog called Klein

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Is Working Freelance Really Worth It?

Are you tired of working for clients you don’t like? Want control of your time, location, and projects you work on? Then perhaps you should consider freelancing.

Freelancing is basically being self-employed and not committed to any one company or firm. You’ve heard those seemingly perfect freelance stories. Some designer quits his jobs and starts freelancing – and now he’s making more money than he was while at a firm. All the while traveling the world and working for himself. Not to mention he gets to choose what kind of work he does.

However, there is no such thing as perfect – and freelancing is no exception. While the above paragraph might make being a freelancer out to be an ideal gig, it has its drawbacks. And some of these can be deal breakers for you.

So should you freelance? Let’s weight the pros and cons:

Pros of Freelancing

Working People
Image Source: Working People via Shutterstock.

1. Choose When You Work

When you don’t have to come into an office each day, you can really be in control of your time. You get to choose when you work. You’re working for yourself, after all. Are you a morning person that wants to stop working at lunchtime? That’s cool. Or are you a night owl that loves to sleep in? Go for it. As long as you get the work done, that’s all that matters. When you freelance, you get to choose when you work. Or at least be more flexible with your schedule (with the few exceptions that involve time-sensitive clients).

2. Choose Where You Work

Since you’re not reporting to a stationary office every day, you can choose where you do your freelancing work. Whether it’s at home, at various cafes throughout the cities, or traveling—or even moving—to different cities, it doesn’t matter. Like with being in control of your time, as long as you get the work done then it doesn’t matter where you’re located. When you freelance, you get to choose where you work. Or again, at least be more flexible with your location (if you have location-sensitive clients).

3. Choose What You Work On

The biggest drawback of working for a company or firm is you usually don’t get to choose what projects you work on. You design based on what clients are brought to you. But when you are a freelancer, you find your own clients. Thus, you get to choose what you work on. Notice the pattern? Freelancing is about choice – freedom.

4. Potentially Make More Money

If you have the drive in you, you can stand to make more money freelancing. You’re not throttled by working for someone else. You can take on more clients or more projects than if you were working for a company or firm. And more quality work equals making more money.

5. Fire Bad Clients

Similar to #3, if you get stuck with a bad client while working for someone else, you either suck it up or quit your job. And there goes all of your work and income. But with freelancing, each client is a separate source of income. So if you come across a bad client, you can freely fire them. Why waste your precious days working on something that’s annoying you? Drop that client like a bad habit.

Cons of Freelancing

Hardworking People
Image Source: Hardworking People via Shutterstock.

1. Incoming Work Isn’t Guaranteed

At a company or firm, assuming it doesn’t go out of business, you’re pretty much guaranteed work. You come in, there is always work for you to do, and you’ll never be at a shortage. As a freelancer, since you’re finding your own work, it’s never guaranteed. Sometimes opportunities can be plentiful, and other times there could be less.

2. Inconsistent Monthly Income

With inconsistent incoming work comes inconsistent monthly income. Some months you can be rolling in a steady stream of quality work. Other months your clients might not need you, or you don’t find enough work. And your income suffers as a result.

3. Potentially Make Less Money

A continuation of #2. If you aren’t finding quality clients, you could potentially make less money than if you were at a company or firm. Ditto if you’re lazy. If you aren’t a self-motivating type and need someone else to kick you in the butt, then with freelancing you could potentially be making less money than at a company or firm.

4. You Have to Find New Work On Your Own

With freelancing, you don’t just spend time creating, you also need to spend time finding new clients and work. At a company or firm, the incoming work is taken care of for you. You just need to design and that’s it. (However, if you absolutely hate finding clients but still want to freelance, one remedy is partnering with someone that can find work for you – a designer manager of sorts.)

5. You Have to Do Your Own Accounting

Similar to #4. At a company or firm, you don’t need to worry about accounting. You design, you get paid, you pay yearly taxes, and that’s it. Not so with freelancing – since you are your own company, you need to handle your own accounting. (Again, if you hate accounting then you can use software to make it easier or hire/outsource to someone that can do it.)

So, Should You Freelance?

So is freelancing ultimately worth it? Yes. Yes it is. You won’t get a wishy-washy “it depends” answer here. If you’re considering it, then you should freelance.

Of course, you have to be driven, confident, and independent. You should be willing to take matters into your own hands. (So it really does depend, huh?)

But the benefits of being in control of your time, location, and work you do is worth it alone. That’s true freedom right there – something we all desire as human beings. Add to that the potential to make more money—totally up to your drive, of course—and the pros of freelancing outweigh the cons. Just make sure you aren’t lazy and find actual work for yourself.

So if you are already freelancing, even if just on the side, then let this be confirmation that you made the right choice. And if you haven’t been a freelancer yet, give it a try – you’ll be hooked by the freedom and control you gain.

To recap, here are the pros and cons of freelancing:


  1. Choose when you work
  2. Choose where you work
  3. Choose what you work on
  4. Potentially make more money
  5. Fire bad clients


  1. Incoming work isn’t guaranteed
  2. Inconsistent monthly income
  3. Potentially make less money
  4. You have to find new work on your own
  5. You have to do your own accounting

Do you freelance, even if just on the side? How are you liking it compared to working for a company or firm, and would you recommend it to others? Share your positive (and negative) experiences in the comments below.

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10 alternatives to WordPress worth checking

first image of the post
There are several CMS available in today’s online marketplace. WordPress is one of them which is very popular. It’s being used to develop a simple website to dynamic e-commerce website. But in this today’s blog post, we are going to talk about the great content management systems alternatives to WordPress that have some really nice […]

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Pixlsby Launch an Awesome Icon Design Bundle That’s Worth Every Cent! (600+ Icons!)

PixelsbyMainPixelsby is a design studio that specializes in creating beautiful UI kits and icons and here we have their latest bundle. Within this package you receive 600+ icons (143 colorful flat icons, 310 modern stroke icons and a bonus 241 handcrafted vector icons) for a miniscule price of $ 9! That's a total of 92% off the total price. […]
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Design bundle: $4,035 Worth of Super Premium Vintage Resources – From $34

Vintage ResourcesFeatureInky Deals have put together this premium vintage resource bundle worth $ 4,035 and are currently selling it from $ 34 (That's a huge 98% off the total worth!). The basic vintage kit is currently on sale for $ 34 and the extended vintage kit for $ 49. The whole kit is compatible with both windows and mac, you are also […]
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30 Inspiring Facebook News Feed Redesign Concepts Worth Sharing

The Facebook news feed has needed an updated look for awhile now. It’s understandable, though, that Facebook hasn’t redesigned the site. Users have learned the layout, buttons, and links. A redesign,…

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Openspaces: Cornwall’s Shores in Photos: A year’s worth of surf-focused iPhone shots assembled into a clean and simple hardcover

Openspaces: Cornwall's Shores in Photos

Recent years have seen England’s surf scene earn more and more credit on an international level. With the growing popularity of cold water surfing (and the ability to quickly document and share one’s sessions via social media) England’s frigid yet……

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20 "Coming Soon" WordPress Themes Worth Waiting For

So you’re looking to give your WordPress site a new look and are trying to work out the kinks in time for 2015; or you have a new app, product, company or album you want to release and you’re hoping to generate some hype by putting up a Coming Soon site first. Then, you’re going to need yourself a cool Coming Soon or Under Construction theme.

Create some buzz online about your brand or product, intrigue visitors, and collect some email subscribers while you’re at it, with these 20 Coming Soon WordPress theme. Just to cover all the bases, I’ve put together 20 free and premium Coming Soon themes that will cater to most, if not all, of your professional needs.

Almost all of these themes are packed with progress bars or countdown timers to help visitors keep track of your progress while waiting for the final launch.

Free Themes

Felice Theme by Bluchic. The Felice WordPress theme has an attractive, light look. It lets you showcase text and images along with a progress bar (the color is customizable), email form and social media buttons. [Get it here]

Coming Sssoon Page by Creative Tim. Ssson is a free WordPress theme. Use it to create a group of users before your site is launched. It is suitable for any creative agency or for personal usage. It comes in two variants: image background and video background. [Get it here]

Ego Cafe by Anish Trehan. Ego Cafe is a responsible theme that can be used for a cafe or cooking blog. Just change the headings, background image and social media buttons to personalize the theme. [Get it here]

Professory Under Construction Mobile Website Template by w3layouts. This theme is simple and will fit in any business company. It contains a creative counter to show when your website is going to be online. [Get it here]

Trendy Divaa by Anish Trehan. Trendy Divaa is a simple, responsive coming soon page that is designed for fashion sites. [Get it here]

Fotos Website Launching Soon by w3layouts. Let your users know that you’re going to launch soon with this photographic theme. It’s suitable for photographers and any other creatives who work with images and illustrations. [Get it here]

Coming soon Under Construction by w3layouts. This under construction page looks festive and fancy. You may use it to show your visitors that your site is redesigning or some changes are going to be done. [Get it here]

Wifindly Coming Soon Theme by Web Success. This theme has an eye-catching background image and a message for your users placed at the top. [Get it here]

Launcher WordPress by MyThemeShop. This coming soon theme absolutely rock(et)s! The rocket shows that you’re working on site redesign and will probably "launch" soon. The rocket shakes a little when one mouses over it. [Get it here]

Glacier by Web Success. Glacier is a clean, minimal and responsive theme optimized for desktop and mobile. It contains a cool background photo, email subscription form and social media buttons. [Get it here]

Premium Themes

Start by Pixininja. Start is a high-quality WordPress theme with a background image and creative counter. It not only notifies users about your launching, but also has a working contact form, is Mailchimp ready and can carry a Twitter feed. [Get it here – $ 6]

MUMM | The Splitted by Madeon08. The key feature of this theme is unusual divided scrolling. The left part of the screen moves up and the right one moves down while scrolling – that makes MUMM an ultra-cool solution. [Get it here – $ 6]

Panara by themezaa. This theme was carefully designed with attention to detail to provide unbelievable user experience. The Full-screen slideshow background and bold counter will definitely impress your visitors and make them come back when you’re finally ready to go live.

[Get it here – $ 6]

MyCountdown by TeslaThemes. The coolest part of this WordPress theme is its countdown. It’s designed in the form of tubes with colored liquids that depict the days, hours, minutes and seconds to your launch. Although, for some reason, the tubes fill up as you get closer to the launch date. [Get it here – $ 33]

Bianco by Serhii Korzin. An awesome stamp logo, cool black and white photograph on the background and a simple counter make this theme stand out from the crowd. It will be suitable for any photographer, designer or artist. [Get it here – $ 20]

Caelus by oxygenna. Here is one more rocket theme in this collection. It’s available in two gorgeous styles with four beautiful font combinations that look great on the iPhone, iPad and any desktops. It has a stunning retro look and the stars on the background move on mouseover. [Get it here – $ 33]

Glance by aThemes. This theme is fully responsive with sticky menu and awesome color scheme. It can be used for any business purpose as well as for creative needs. [Get it here – $ 16]

Working by aThemes. This is super-clean responsive theme with a countdown script and attractive background slider. [Get it here – $ 16]

Malooka by NestoLab. Malooka is a responsive template featuring 8 different background options including video, slideshow, pattern and even a map option. [Get it here – $ 7]

Verde by CreaboxThemes. Verde is a creative under construction theme. If you’re working on a new site or redesigned, this clean minimalistic theme is just for you. [Get it here – $ 5]

Premium Hand Drawn Script Fonts That Are Worth Every Cent!

stringfellows-1Behind the scenes we are completely revamping the marketplace where we sell the fonts I create. Part of the revamp has included opening a Creative Market store and whilst creating the store I have spent a lot of time scrolling through the other fonts available on Creative Market and whilst I have come across hundreds of […]
Inspiration Hut – Everything Art and Design

10 New Frontend Web Frameworks Worth Considering

We have covered web frameworks many times before, and just felt that today was a good time to bring everybody up-to-date with some the the recently released frameworks that have stood out from the crowd recently, and may be worth your attention.

In it’s simplest form a frontend web framework is just a useful collection of CSS, HTML and JavaScript components that you can quickly use in our own projects. But we will also know that there is much more to them than that. Some are super-lightweight with minimal components, others, can be a good bit heavier and jam-packed full of every conceivable component. Choice is of course down to the preference of the designer and the size and type of project. So do choose wisely!

New Front-End Frameworks

Materialize (Sass)

Materialize is a new framework that utilizes many of the styles, elements, components, animations and of course, the principles of Google's Material Design. It comes in two different forms, the Standard, which includes both the minified and unminified CSS and JS files, and the SASS version, which will give you more control over which components will be included.


Material UI (Less)

Material UI is a Less CSS framework combined with a huge collection of React-powered components that also implement Google's Material Design specs. It's available as an npm package.

Material UI

Material Design for Bootstrap

Material Design for Bootstrap is, obviously, a theme for Bootstrap 3 that lets you quickly and easily use the design specs from Material Design in your own Bootstrap-powered project.

Material Framework

Smaller in scope than the other Material Design frameworks on this page, but still worthy of a mention, as the Material Framework is super-lightweight and only includes CSS-only components.

Material Design for Bootstrap

Themosis WordPress Framework

Using an elegant and simple code syntax, the Themosis WordPress Framework uses "modern" PHP features like anonymous functions, namespaces, is Composer ready and is a mix between WordPress best practices and a typical MVC framework.

Themosis WordPress Framework


Based on the principles of SMACSS and DRY, PowerToCSS is a lightweight CSS framework that offers a rock-solid foundation to get you started quickly on your next web project.


Kouto Swiss

kouto swiss is a complete CSS framework for Stylus that gives you lots of mixins, functions and utilities to code faster, and also includes the power of the caniuse website to make your stylesheets fit your compatibility needs.

Kouto Swiss


Not a framework per se, but still worth mentioning, Muffin is a design focused front-end web template for reating static sites using SASS and Jekyll. Muffin takes advantage of common practices from Bootstrap, Boilerplate, inuit.css and other libaries to let you get straight into coding straight away.



csstyle is a modern approach for creating maintainable stylesheets. The csstyle method is implemented using a set of SASS mixins that make your CSS readable and semantic, it generates selectors and will automatically handle specificity and nesting.


Furtive CSS

Furtive is mobile-first framework with a very small footprint. Furtive remains lightweight because it doesn't worry about older browser versions, meaning that it can use ‘cutting edge tech’ like flexbox, SVGs, and limited vendor prefixing. It's also available in SCSS, CSS, and comes with a gulpfile for customizing the build.

Furtive CSS

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