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Restaurant Branding: Yellow Submarine Burger Place by Ivan Dilberovic

Restaurant Branding1Ivan Dilberovic has created this restaurant branding for 'Yellow Submarine' Burger Place, which is based in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. Ivan explains how the main challenge of the project was finding the balance between the concept of organic food (green) and selling meat (black).  The periscope as a supporting element is used in almost every possible […]
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Cute Yellow – A Dissected Cartoon Character Illustration series

Have you ever imagined what your favourite cartoon characters would look like from the inside? I don’t suppose you have. There is one guy that has though. Graphic artist Mahmoud Reefat has dedicated an entire illustration series to discovering and showing what lies underneath the skin of some of your favorite cartoon characters.

In this project, called ‘Cute Yellow‘, Reefat dissects the likes of the insanely cute Pikachu, the famous Minions from Despicable Me, and even SpongeBob gets it. He has purposely maintained the yellow theme throughout the characters, and this seem to add even more cuteness, and creepiness, to the project.

Cute Yellow Illustrations

dissected illustrations famous minions from Despicable Me

dissected illustrations Pikachu pokemon

Cute Yellow dissected illustrations SpongeBob

Cute Yellow dissected illustrations Homer Simpson

dissected illustrations winnie the pooh

dissected illustrations tweety pie

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Eveleth: a new distressed font by Yellow Design Studio


When it comes to distressed font design, Yellow Design Studio know their stuff. The Wisconsin-based type designers have created some notoriously rough fonts like Veneer or Thirsty Rough.

Somehow, they seem to keep getting better at it, as the release of Eveleth seems to prove. The bold, all caps font gives you several levels of distress, more than enough to create realistic layouts with it.

As if this wasn’t enough, Eveleth also has some outline and layers options, which makes it a terrific headline font. If you are not a big fan of the distressed font, you can still chose to go with the clean style.

On the occasion of the launch, Yellow Design Studio was even kind enough to offer the entire font collection with a 80% discount, a great deal you shouldn’t miss.


Another awesome thing? The collections of shapes and icons that complete this amazing distressed font. Those tools will make your designer toolbox even better to create vintage and rough style designs.





This distressed font is not enough for you? Check out these.

  • Microbrew: the name will make you think of beer, the font will make you think of awesome.
  • Brandon printed: a layered and distressed version of the Brandon Grotesque typeface.
  • Thirsty Rough: a cool script disstressed font, also designed by Yellow Design Studio.

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BA Lady Creatives: Julia Yellow

Julia Yellow illustration / on Design Work Life
Illustration for NYT article, “No, it Only Looks Like Gridlock”
Editorial illustration has quite the reputation for (thrillingly) tight deadlines. Despite the fast-paced nature of this specialty, illustrator Julia Yellow creates hyper-detailed scenes for her editorial clients.

I came across this week’s Badass Lady Creative in a well-timed article on suppressing the “apology reflex” and was amazed at how many tiny points of interest Julia packs into her drawings. The effect is not overwhelming, but instead creates layers of understanding: forest, then trees.

Many of Julia’s illustrations were drawn for the New York Times, but she has freelanced with a variety of international clients. She works primarily in Photoshop, but textures and a presence-of-hand style lend a warmth to her compositions. Here’s a few more favorites:

For an NYT article on drug research
For an NYT article on drug research
Detail of the previous illustration
Detail of the drug research illustration
Sweet detail from an illustration for Liberty Times
Sweet detail from an illustration for Liberty Times

Even Julia’s sketchbook pages reach an outstanding level of polish:

Julia Yellow illustration / on Design Work Life

Julia Yellow illustration / on Design Work Life

Julia Yellow illustration / on Design Work Life

View more of Julia’s work on her portfolio, including an assignment she had to draw with her non-dominant hand because her wrist was broken. Amazing!

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Interview: Orly Genger: The artist behind the Madison Square Park installation “Red, Yellow and Blue”

Interview: Orly Genger

It’s been two months since “Red, Yellow and Blue” opened in NYC at Madison Square Park, and every day it continues to leave a gaze-worthy impression on passerby who are unsure how to approach the spilled,…

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Design Inspiration: Yellow Like

This design for a like button is striking for a couple of reasons. First, the yellow colour is bold and attention-grabbing, second, the design itself is distinctive yet recognisable.

This design was featured on Friday 8th of February 2013. It’s designed by Ivaylo Nedkov, and falls under the category of Element.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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The artwork of Yellow Submarine

To celebrate the Beatles’ 50th anniversary 50by70 has published the first ever set of fine art prints of the stunning artwork from the classic 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine.

The set is a bit pricey, but looks totally awesome. The best gift to the Beatles’ fan.

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The Many Meanings of Yellow: From Warmth and Happiness to Caution