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Here's How it Works


Conceptualizing and Planning

We define the objectives and target audience. We provide you customized content including prompts, focused questions, and trending content that aligns with your brand. This is a simple solution to creating a bank of content you can use ongoing. You'll never have to spend time figuring out what to say in your videos again.


Editing and Optimization

Post-production is where the magic happens. Edit the footage, incorporating graphics, music, and effects to enhance the overall appeal. We'll make sure they're algorithm-friendly and optimize the video for different platforms. 


Filming and Production

Creating short-form video content is so much simpler when you have a team behind you. Give us a couple hours of your time and we will expertly capture enough content for 10-15 individual vertical videos. Each will be roughly 10-25 seconds in length. In this session we will bring all the best equipment for audio, lighting, and visuals to best capture the content and tell the story. You can even use our studio if you like.


Tracking and Analysis

Our commitment doesn't end with just a post. We leverage analytics tools and KPIs to monitor how your audience engages with the content. We learn from what works (and what doesn't!) and try to make the next video better than the last. 


Engaging, Short Form Vertical Videos Done for You.

By breaking down comprehensive or lengthy information into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces, you cater to a broader audience with varying preferences and attention spans.


Base Package

Package includes:

  • 2-3 hour video shoot

    • lighting and staging in your space or our professional studio space

    • premium audio and vertical video

  • 10-15 edited vertical videos (10-45 seconds each)

  • Tailored content prompts designed to enhance your online presence, generate leads, and engage your audience with value-based content

  • Engaging editing style- often with subtitles in varying trending formats


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